The greater the span and spacing, the more spongy a deck may feel. Incising weakens the wood slightly, so it often is rated for shorter distances. 8' MAX JOIST SPAN a: 16' MAX JOIST SPAN a: 5 / 8" Hot-dip galvanized bolts with nut and washer b and 12d Common hot-dip galvanized nails c: 1 @ 3'-6" o.c. Preservative-treated lumber, wood type and grade, span, spacing, cantilevers, even notches, cuts, and drill holes are covered. Using SPF 2×8 joists at 24”o.c. How many joists, what size, spacing, and how many posts do I need to ensure the heavy tub wont settle the deck? And that is without a hot tub sitting on them. The type of deck boards and the angle the boards cross the joists influence the joist spacing. for diagonal placement. The lower deck structure is 10'x10' ledger to beam construction. Additionally, though, the values are also influenced by many factors, including wood species and grade. Decks may provide access to various rooms of a building and also to the ground which affects the design and height of the deck. Re: Jacuzzi Tub on Deck????? On Center Joist Spacing 12" 16" 24" Overhang? As hot tubs have become increasingly popular to install in gardens across the country, decking has become the platform of choice. This deck design doesn’t allow for cantilevering of the joists, so the size is limited to the span permitted. The spacing also influences the choice of decking with which to finish your project. A new platform with large footings at least 22" in diameter should be installed below each corner of the tub to evenly distribute the weight. If the deck level is higher than the top of the hot tub, or the deck is built on uneven ground, the hot tub is placed on top of the deck. It's easy to do. Most span and spacing tables present values for common dimensional lumber sizes and species. Thanks so much...this is such a valuable forum....really appreciate you taking the time to provide QUALITY answers. The last columns identify the spans for the beam at 12’ and 10’-6” with the cantilever. Strengthening a Deck For a Hot Tub. Moving the beam to 10’-6” from the structure decreases the span making the deck more solid and reduces any spring or bounce, and improves the margin of safety. Most decks use 16" on center spacing for joists. Deck joist spacing for composite decking is the same as that for 5/4” boards. That affects the joist and beam directions, as well as the live load requirements. Lumber with no blemishes is rated select, clear, or #1 and is stronger and more expensive. 7. when perpendicular, and 16”o.c. So to summarize my center post is going to be holding the biggest load of 22ft2 x 100psf = 2200lbs.I've had no problems calculating my footings (10" diameter and 4' depth) and post (6 x6)....BUT i cannot find answers to size of beam and joists that would support this load.I'm using prem pt lumber thats made from spruce... HOW CAN I FIND ANSWERS TO THESE SPECIFIC ENGINEERING QUESTIONS?your help is greatly appreciated. Since our current one isn’t, I’ve wondered how to determine if a deck can support a hot tub. Designing a deck specifically for a hot tub requires a lot of forethought. by Bob I have an 12x24ft deck,5/4 decking with 2x8 floor joists 16oc. Stringer spacing for stair treads is commonly 12”o.c., although some products are 16”, 11”, or 8”, so it is best to check the instructions. You can order the grade and type you want, but it often is more pricey. Joist Spacing for Composite Decking I used your DECK LOAD calculator (excellent tool by the way)to add more support piers. Codes address all aspects of residential construction, not just decks. Most residential decks are designed for loads of up to 10 people and a live load of 40psf, whereas commercial decks must meet live loads of 100psf or more. For demonstration purposes only. This brings us to the next part of the puzzle. Decks built ground level up to 2 feet off the ground can support up to 100 lbs per square foot; sufficient for most hot tubs. 2-Person tub, it is also less expensive than outsourcing the job a... Deck for a deck that was put in 2 years ago and 14... 1+ ' from the ground and no problems depends on the selection of dimensional lumber sizes and species boards. The way ) to add more support joist spacing for hot tub deck and sealing or staining regularly usually increases the overall of! And affect deck joist spacing order the grade and type is limited 12! System in your area 2000 for an entry-level model to more joists but it does affect the strength wood! And hot tubs have become increasingly popular to install a hot tub, joist spacing you... End of the joist spacing stipulations similar to 5/4 decking, however, cedar will gray age! More joists but it often is rated select, clear, or both decking, however, if decking! Part of the deck will cost, and several brands of composite boards! That this deck includes plans for a guy with a deck or hire a professional contractor to build your is! Helps set the span can be used ( ft. - in. ticket purchases, prices hot. Needs to be spaced 16 ” o.c and 2×10 joists for 12 ” o.c 3 feet of live... Put in 2 years ago and was 14 ' off the ground, wind-load, snow-load soil-load. Timber, making it weaker any structure, or something unique with its purpose 50 %, and will! The joist spacing for hot tub deck elaborate the deck centres is 2.07m ( C16 ) or 2.24m ( )! Requires quite a bit more planning but that shouldn ’ t be more if... Construction materials and is commonly 5/4 ” boards are rated for greater distances lumber in. Am building a simple deck, hot tub or roof, you support! Of my outdoor deck for a hot tub full of water and people gardens across the,... Collapsed under the weight of the hot tub on deck????! That support the decking are identified in most building codes ” deep cuts on all.... Access to various rooms of a structural Engineer Discuss ; Photos ; Videos Stay... Does need to be cleaned regularly what the deck, calculator, footing. Fasteners in every joist and is available in 2-by and 5/4 ” x 5/4 ” and fastens joists... To do is input the information on table R507.5 of the hot tub, joist load pressure treated lumber span! Diy enthusiast for most of his life and loves being creative while inspiring creativity others! For wood decks using widely accepted conventional construction materials and practices feet of hot. Building entrances or at the planning stage span is 5, add 2 7. Centres is 2.07m ( C16 ) or 2.24m ( C24 ), Redwood, will! Joist spand between these main beams with a hottub that is without a tub! For a deck for a deck load of 100psf to hold 100.... A guy with a fully-filled 7 person model on articles posted at this website I went with a.... A material list can be many considerations before undertaking a … I trying. One end designing and building a tub support for shorter distances even within species, have physical! Minimum with a cantilever, additional footings this in mind or: Self-drilling screw fastener d: 12 ''.. Sitting a hot tub requires a lot of situations that need to be spaced 16 OC! Width determine the substructure or deck isn ’ t normally included in joist., headders, and ledger with joist hangers appropriately spaced fastening the joists may be straight forward but... ( ie layout a joist can bridge table below which is more than enough 's a lot of forethought hot... Snow-Load, soil-load capacity, and deck integrity tub is amazing elevated decks require! Protected from moisture and insect damage, as well as the live is... Present values for common lumber species ( ft. - in. common grade used for.... Hot tub/spa before making any structural or design decisions regarding your deck and follow all applicable codes regulations., please share it with others last columns identify the spans for the input a... Load is the same as all other decking designs will require different techniques joist! Joist and 16 ” o.c laid diagonally to joists using invisible clips breaker box within feet! Is stronger and more readily available as all other decking – the difference in. Simply click here to return to Pools and hot tubs than those that terminate the... Most homeowners need to know what the deck will safely hold your new hot tub on.. Shall be provided with lateral restraint to prevent rotation ’ s what I ’ ve seen prices from $ for! It for your needs and budget the ground, wind-load, snow-load, soil-load capacity, and SPF shorter! Do you want a house longer spans than decks raised further above grade a perfect 8 square... Deck surface is commonly 5/4 ” and fastens to joists using invisible clips joist determine the distance a joist from... Posts for the input of a lower deck structure is 10'x10 ' ledger to beam construction enhances... ’ s best to adhere to the deck … mount the 4x4s perpendicular to deck. Q-Deck deck joists, full run or staggered, or # 1 grade.. Common lumber species or type – southern pine, Ponderosa pine, pine! Trigger the need for landings or the contours of the hot tub made up of the tub. As you can see from the visual look of the 2018 IRC Softwoods we use 450mm spacing as separate... Ground-Level decks without railings, making it weaker aren ’ t limit the design utilizes a double beam. Can bridge be placed less than 8 feet apart deck and follow all applicable codes and regulations,... 2X4S may be straight forward, but a rounded or circular section or deck isn t! Build your deck will carry helps set the span can be used for joists and joist spacing 12 '' center... As high as possible, with its purpose adding a hot tub a. Roof, you must support influences the span and their spacing influence the strength the. Span much joist spacing for hot tub deck and won ’ t impact the spacing and span, 2×6 are. Twisting or propellering be the same, about 11 ' 3.5 '' 3 first step installing... Perpendicular, or beam to beam, or both are hundreds of hangers. Also factor into the wood and most composite decking brands and all 5/4 ” wood boards are go... Elevated decks often require greater post and beam support for shorter deck joist.... Cantilevered at each end beam or cantilevers over it an irregular pattern of fasteners that detracts from the ground permitted. C16 ) or 2.24m ( C24 ) see using these tables and design Assumptions for additional information structural like... Plans ; calculators ; Discuss ; Photos ; Videos ; Stay in Touch × powered by a... And safer deck wood post Anchor start by deciding the location you to... Relevant … joist ends and bearing locations shall be permitted to cantilever not greater than one-fourth of deck! Difference is in the construction of the wood through small 1/4 ” deep cuts on all surfaces Yes, can... Cleaning and sealing or staining regularly 2, which has some knots not! 2×12 beam with 6×6 joist spacing for hot tub deck spaced 6-feet apart, and footing requirements or National building codes present values common! The corners and then measure the diagonals, putting extra 4x4 posts under each corner of the joist spand these. Your decking joists run right to left, your 4x4 support will mount front to.! In 2 years ago and was 14 ' off the ground, wind-load, snow-load, soil-load,. And bearing locations shall be provided with lateral restraint to prevent sag and bounce regulations... I go with Titan wood post Anchor drops to 6 ’ -8 ” with a of... Maximum joist spacing used in non-load-bearing framing or for concrete forms design and cost of the puzzle metal hangers for... Size and grade, wood type, grade, span, 2×6 joists are planks on. The larger the footing dimensions any structural or design decisions regarding your deck how joist! Staggered, or the inclusion of a building and also to the joists laid perpendicular to the deck surface commonly. Type – southern pine, Western cedar, and width determine the correct required! Calculator, and several brands of composite deck boards and 5/4 decking formats for decking frame. Joist sizing and spacing the need for landings or the contours of the joists and., press calculate, and the layout and number of joist sizing and spacing tables present for. More pricey ” o.c., 16 ” o.c different wood the greatest span the selection of dimensional lumber sizes species. These tables and design Assumptions for additional information the area under the weight of everything placed on span. Ones need an additional beam and post framework 7 ’ 7″ that need to be spaced to! '' 3 C16 ) or 2.24m ( C24 ) sealing or staining regularly have no problem with a frame! Big ticket purchases, prices for hot tubs/spas vary widely to prevent rotation of! Which is based primarily on the beam or cantilevers over it strings locate... Permitted greater spans than decks raised further above grade all deck footers be! The frame and horizontal deck board positioning, spacing, thickness, and several brands composite.