Want the latest and greatest? I also took engineering economics. Most say that is $1000 visit for any work that has to be done on the car. What is that worth to you? That’s a savings of $1,085 a year and $6,508 over six years. David Weliver You walk away CLEAN! That is a pro for many people. Joe says: “No one every compares owning with massive depreciation and massive repairs over 6 years to leasing 2 new cars at 3 years each”. “With buying, eventually you will have paid the car off and no longer have the expense of the monthly payment.”, Regardless, “When you lease a car, you make payments for a specified period of time and then at the end of the term you have nothing to show for your money,” Baumeister says. Yes you are totally right. It is a preference issue! Yes, depreciating assets are terrible, but in the case of a car, it is a necessary one for most people. This article makes some good points about the advantages of buying, but really disregards many of the advantages of leasing. This is my own personal experience. Read that again – NINETY PERCENT. I like to enjoy what I’m driving (for now) and then see what’s new in a couple years. Our local dealer (a large one) lists 2 year old, 20k models for the SAME PRICE as new ones. Sorry. Why is this so important? Then you have to factor in maintenance and repair car for that car. 1st great thing about leasing is at the end of the lease you have the ability to simply turn in the car with no problems unless there is excess miles, wear and tear, and normally there is a turnin fee. On the flipside a leased vehicle has to be maintained in accordance to the manufacturer warranty and driver handbook instructions. It’s not like people here are leasing a ferrari to make it garage art. Unless you absolutely positively plan to keep the car for 10+ years, the time-worn financial adage applies…”buy what appreciates, lease what depreciates”. And the example shows the buyer comes out ahead by $6,508 ($1,085 per year) over those six years . A passion wagon that needs the oil topping up every journey, has a push button fm radio with cassette player so you can listen to `The Carpenters` and cigarette lighters in the front and the back so the kids can join in whilst they sweat to death due to the lack of air conditioning and reduced lung capacity - not helped by cattle produced global warming. It’s just like new, with a factory bumper to bumper warranty left on it. “The terms of a lease or terms of the note can vary greatly, too. We understand that … Accords with a price like that can be leased around here for $199/month with no money down. No one every compares owning with massive depreciation and massive repairs over 6 years to leasing 2 new cars at 3 years each. The dealer that I went to, to have the car worked on said I shouldn’t have had this many issues. If you are representing yourself or the company you work for making the best first impression will undoubtedly help you win more clients. Second, if you do assume that someone trades in the car at the end and leases a new vehicle again, presumably they save a lot of money and inconvenience dealing with maintenance. After years you would have 200,000 miles. I definitely overpaid for it, but I didn’t have much of a choice. Well, maybe, your probably looking at $2,000 minimum for tires and balance/oil/brakes rear and front/belts/bulbs/filters, therefore your saving is still around $752 per year versus $1085 unless something major goes wrong in year 5 or 6. Let the dummies do that for you, then pick up their depreciated asset at half the cost. You could purchase a car and add on an extended warranty which is not a bad option. It may be very expensive to replace a battery on say a chevy Volt after 5 years. Equity can happen if the car is in great shape aND less miles are driven that paid for. My brother just leased a car and I told him that he was crazy. 7. The advantages being I don’t have the capital outlay (obviously use remainder in investments) and I can run the shit out of the car while its still under manufacturer warranty. “Here are the many benefits to leasing a car.”. You have to consider interest rates and incentives when considering purchase or lease. Try selling a used car with two accidents on Carfax. Yes, you own an asset at the end of your car loan, but you’re conveniently ignoring the fact that it’s a DEPRECIATING ASSET that is out of warranty, and in the zone for big maintenance repairs. When you factor that reality into the equation buying doesn’t come out that far ahead, if at all after maintenance costs. This article makes a number of assumptions which are entirely NOT TRUE. I’ve spent approximately $12,300 for 4 years of ownership and the car has 148k miles on it. But when you turn in the car, you don’t benefit from the investment you made into that car. 5. Even with a liberal allowance for $5k in maintenance over six years, you still come out ahead. Stop paying taxes on your car you don’t get to drive it on the road. Secondly, maintenance and repairs will quickly add up into the thousands. Dealer stickers with higher prices than MSRP. While your friend certainly has a good reason to lease a car, it’s often not the best option for several reasons: 1. Residual value or buyback price can offer a great deal on a car that you know 100 percent of the cars history. Just the title needs to be changed. I will be surprised if someone pays an annual maintenance cost of $1000 on cars like Toyota or Honda even after 5 years…May be i am wrong?? I’m looking at the new Civic, so when you compare APPLES to APPLES (not $250 payment vs $600 payment), its a difference between a 3 year lease vs 7 year (!) ... 10) Leasing … I’m a management accountant and I wholeheartedly concur that this article is a bit one-sided. This tax is many times only included in the fine print of a lease contract.”, No matter which option you choose, shop around. Every time a manufacturer upgrades vehicle production, new tweaks and changes or complete facelift one of the key design factors will be to reduce CO2 emissions. A good shopper can find an off-lease car for at least a third off new, maybe more, that is still under warranty. The sort that prefers to clog up the atmosphere with a smoky old gas guzzler that just manages 24 miles per gallon, has windy up/down windows in the front and fixed windows in the rear. But a lease also comes with a number of obligations that are different from your responsibilities when buying a new car… I see so much scaremongering on the interweb about why people shouldn’t lease a car, how it is a waste of money, you are restricted to the contracted mileage, yadda, yadda, yadda…. If you’re looking for a car, Money Under 30 can help you at every step of the way: I live 5-10 Min from work. This article is geared towards those who can actually get a low rate. I don’t think so – you’re spot on. It is a monthly fixed expense and you don’t need to worry about depreciation. What a HUGE mistake that was. The need to keep financial options open has made leasing a wiser choice for many car buyers. Love notes that if the dealership is offering 0% financing, and you plan on driving the car for a long time, buying is the way to go. It’s very easy to find a off-lease that is as perfect as new with far less than 30k mileage. Leasing can trap you into a cycle of always having a car payment. This is actually a bit like not wanting to wear the latest fashions, or not accepting that technology is constantly changing. Lease = entire payment is written off as a business expense. We found a promotion for a 2014 Honda Accord Sedan 2014 lease deal listed by Edmunds.com (you can find similar deals here). I leased with $0 down, just had to pay the first lease payment. If you add up all your lease payments, and the cost of buying the car in the end, it will be very close (but probably a little more) to having just bought it in the first place. I was laid off, and out of work, and I needed it for a job that I was starting. That can bring me $6350 investment returns at 5% annual return rate. jc, your lease example is only the case if you have an additional car that you have for personal use. Great job right? In a Nutshell When you lease a car, you get to give the car back at the end of the lease and look for a different car to drive, if you want. There are a ton of factors at play and those individual factors will determine what makes the most sense for you. Also let’s say I finance it for 48 months. Firstly, that is EXACTLY what the article did in the Honda Accord example. Financed = expense the interest portion of payment coupled with depreciation. Expected mileage: The lease sets a certain maximum number of miles you can drive the car each year. The funders which we use have already agreed fleet terms and get 30% discount automatically - this is because they are buying hundreds and thousands of cars every year whereas you are buying just one. That simple. 5. [Ok so if you drive a Ferrari F40 this point does not apply]I have been in the leasing business for 30 years and I have never yet had anyone explain this one in more detail. Depending on the vehicle and the incentives, at times the lease … No! When you buy a car, you have made a decision that this will be the right car for you for the next long period of time. And, with a seven-year payment, you never get ahead. State-of-the-art safety features, more easily replaceable parts, and other factors often contribute to the low cost-to-insure of some new cars. Net-net, from certain angles leases are not optimal. Consumer electronics is currently leading the push to move from owning to leasing. In a cars first few years off the production plant you don't have to worry about MOT's but the fear factor begins at the end of year 3. “I CANT believe that a person involved in finance would give SUCH HORRIBLE ADVICE.”…………..says Leo from the Toyota Stealership. You’re forgetting that EVERY TIME you re-lease a vehicle, you have to come up with $ 3000 to $4000 cash due at signing BECAUSE THERE IS NO EQUITY WITH A LEASE. You are buying transportation. Most cars will not last much longer than 8 years at the most. YOUR POCKET. So, why not minimize your depreciation expenses, while still having a reliable asset? Investing or buying a car that isn’t durable such as the Passat will cost you in the long run. Plus, leasing deals are much more competitive than purchasing deals with cars besides Honda . Here’s the ugly truth: For most people, leasing doesn’t make financial sense. Is driving A to B no nonsense or is driving a luxury. During my last lease, the car was in a wreck twice and both times not my fault. You can trust the integrity of our balanced, independent financial advice. But if you do drive a LOT of miles per year then buying might be a better option. Also, as another comment stated, the lower lease payments are also a good way to save some cash, as the difference can be significant in some cases, and not just $30 or $40. Total cost for lease: $21,600. But far from all angles. However regardless of who got the bigger discount at the start at any date in the future the car is valued the same. If I own a car and pay $400/mo for 60 mos = 24,000 and no car payments for 5 years (total 10 yrs). I love this - contains mild bad language!!! What did I do, I turned down the warranty and financed the car for 2.9%. They look at photographs of great days they have spent together and the thought of selling to these weirdos is the same as you putting your kids up for adoption. Otherwise, leasing offers a lot of benefits. You do not like to drive the latest models of car. Please feel free to send me an explanation and I will remove number 7 from my list of 10. Had I owned that car, good luck trying to sell it with two accidents showing up on Carfax. You get all the benefits of warranty and a new car every 3 years. Brakes need replacing. They only cost you money, that makes them a liability. Not questioning your story, but I’m curious what fees aren’t being mentioned. Plus you can save money as many employees will take a company car over a more expensive raise. How much do you drive and what does driving mean to you? I really don’t want any surprises at the end of the lease. I am close to 2 years in and for different reasons I find myself with only some 6,500 miles on the car to date. There are of course exceptions and reasons why leasing may be a better option, but for the most part, buying a car … Leasing DOES make sense in a wide number of situations and the old adage that you are left with nothing at the end of the lease is not entirely true. It is unfair to compare leasing a new car with purchasing a used car. I’m going to continue coaching her in the direction of a lease because – as many people here have mentioned – even if it is more expensive, who cares?? Any thoughts on the cost of repairs once you pay off your loan. At the end of the four-year loan, the total cost to purchase the car (including interest) comes to $21,817. Maybe you will be earning more money by then. If you buy, once your loan is paid off, you own the car… I’m sure it helps if you lease another vehicle from the same dealership. She’s 66 years old (will be 67 in a few months) and drives less than 12,000 miles a year. The insurance premiums on a lease vehicle is something typically not considered. In that case, the lease wins in that situation, unless you unload the purchased Honda and Lease a car if you simply love driving a new car … I also get a military discount(another 5%). Some lenders will allow for a simple month-to-month … I lease a 2014 Camry with a sticker price of $27,000 for 36 months with 1500 down and $264 a month with a $15,200 buyout at the end of the lease. 2nd. You’ll never worry about making repairs and paying costly expenses associated with your car when you lease. All the benefits of leasing aside (i.e. 2. loan. Leasing—a fancy word for renting—a car means I am voluntarily entering into a long-term relationship with a car dealer that benefits me in one way only: I get to drive the car for the period of the lease. Not only do you not save money, you’re driving a less reliable vehicle! If I BUY a car, I can just drive it without worrying about coming up with the HUGE cap reduction cost every 3yrs. In your opinion do you tell the dealership upfront or take your chances when turning in the car at the end of the lease in hopes that they’ll forgive the overage of miles. Leasing a car doesn’t give you ownership in the car. Interest rates are incredibly high. But I figured out it is better to lease for 3 years and then buy at the end of the lease all cash and keep another 3 years. Yep, you’ve been able to choose 2 other vehicles. The challenge is I was relocated to a major city cross country and now have to sell my car after 1 year. The example uses a $1,999 down payment for both lease and purchase and uses a 4 year (48) month loan. 4. Typically the buy back is much less than the wholesale price at the end of the term. That would be 4,200 a year divide that by 12 is 350.00 dollars a month you are loosing that could be half of your payment. To confirm terms and conditions, click the "Apply Now" button and review info on the secure credit card terms page. With a lease, you’re not married to the car. The dealer I bought it from said it cleared inspection, but there wasn’t a copy as to what was done by the previous owners as far as up keep. So, they want you to buy the car because they make a ton of money when that warranty runs out. Want to go from a coupe to an SUV? And what if you dont have $6,000? I think for most considering a lease, they are attracted to the smaller monthly payments. Leasing presents many more options to the smart shopper to actually fairly make money back instead of being pigeonholed into a bad car. It seems to me that people looking at a lease probably fall into three general categories: the “luxury” category as mentioned in the article, those looking for a short term solution to a lack of resources and the need for a new car, and those who haven’t got their finances under control and are enticed by the lower payments, failing to consider the long term costs. A three year old 2013 acura rdx awd base goes for $29.500, Now if I bought a used 2013 acura base to begin with you save thousands but you have a used car with a limited warranty. For reference, I’ve never considered leasing a vehicle (or even buying a brand new one) until now because of the lower monthly payment, I always buy vehicles cash and keep them for a long time (10+ years) however the cost of preowned cars is so close to new cars that I’d rather buy it new and get exactly what Im looking for. That can bring me quite a bit from the investment of that money. There is nothing there to show you the interest rate you will be paying on that car. You like to pay more for road tax than your savvy neighbour. Save your money and drive reliably. For everyone else, leasing a car should be considered a luxury. Just to quote, 2 of my colleagues still drive a Honda (CRV) of 450k miles on it already spending not even $500 annual…. It’s entirely true that in the Totals Asset column, as the article states, one is better off keeping the car for a long time and buying it. |. An obvious, often misunderstood example is buying versus leasing a car. Build assets, dump liabilities. During that time, I spent thousands on repairs, especially towards the end of the life of the car. I’m definitely going to lease… and start a spreadsheet. By that time, minimum wage will be higher. You hate the idea of upgrading to a new car every few years because you get too attached. What if you have a dodgy tyre - that's £100 from your summer holiday spending money? If you want to buy the car at the end, you would likely pay less interest because you are borrowing less money, although you’d likely be making payments longer overall. Just checked the math for a medium trim Dodge Charger and these are rounded results, but accurate. As long as you’re aware, it’s fine to make a conscious decision to spend more for your cars than might be necessary. Company Address :Lease World Ltd50 Gratwicke RoadTilehurstReadingBerkshireRG30 4TT, Lease World Ltd are a credit broker and not a lender, we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. If I was so concerned about saving $6k over 6 years like the article suggests, then we should never do a lot of things that we enjoy! Enzo must also lease his clothing, appliances, and lawn equipment. Are there any reasons for not leasing a car? First off, yes, you own it… but its worth 1/3rd of the original value with 7 years old and 84k on it (and that’s a reliable vehicle). We the public know the car will depreciate in value…the manufacturer knows it will depreciate in value…why on earth would you want to own one? For one, leases have mileage limits where you’re penalized if you drive over that set amount; these penalties can range from five to 20 cents a mile. When you divide the amount of money you spent on maintenance each year, you’re still paying money each month for up keeping – just like leasing. Lisa, I know you wrote this a year ago but I just found it today. If you plan or can afford payments for 36 or less months than leasing might be good. At Sandy (and their Honda Civics): You’re awesome! For everyone else, leasing a car should be considered a luxury. Even if you made 6%, that would be taxable income. You had better be, because the cost of goods has gone up. Some people can get really attached to their cars and never want to give them up. The IRS allows you to write off your car costs as a business expense either way. See, they’ll give you a decent amount for your … After $1,999 down, the lease payments are just $199 a month for a 36-month, 36,000 mile lease. The rest of the maintenance was mostly preventative, including belts, water pump, mechanical thermostat, carbon cleaning, spark plugs, coil packs, rear shocks, tires, and oil changes. Would a bank mortgage a house if they knew it would be worth 50% less in 2 years? Seriously! It’s similar to renting an apartment instead of buying a house. In actual fact an ex-lease car is guaranteed to be well kept as part of customer's legal commitment to the leasing agreement. So leasing can be a better option if you are in the right situation for it and smart about how you use the vehicle. Because the people who do have thoise types of incidents, planned for it…. What’s more, a lease allows for normal wear to the car, but “if the dealership considers the … the vehicle to have wear and tear above [normal] at the end of the lease, they can charge you extra,” Love says. So then, the question becomes Buying New vs Leasing. If you lease and took the extra $200 a month you would have been paying on the car loan and put it in an investment fund that was diversified against the market you would be better off. We sold it for 1000 euros, and still we paid 5.300 euros for a very bad car. It might seem like I am pulling at straws adding this one - but to be honest it is a real struggle to come up with 10 reasons not to lease a car. That being said, if I broke all of these costs down to a monthly payment for every month I’ve owned it, I would have paid $256.25 a month. Your transmission goes out and you are stuck with a $5k repair bill like the last car I owned. Exactly! This all under appropriate residual value and money factor negotiations (as my lease payments go to the difference in the value of the car from the beginning to end of lease) can make sense, as if i were to buy and resell the car i would be selling it at residual for similar return in the lease. But although these types of car … This article makes sense, but the comments are much better and more helpful. The last car she purchased was a used car with as much down as can., we might all be living in luxury for a lunch meeting still around $ 6k money! Then calculate a 4 year ( 48 ) month loan s the ugly truth: for most people buying. You garage park and or keep so what if there is more money by.. Trying to squeeze money out of it for 1000 euros, and still we paid 5.300 for! Name one vehicle cost that can bring me $ 6350 investment returns at 5 )! 20 % loss be much better and more as the insurance group ] said “ there no. Lump payment for both lease and purchase and uses a 4 year loan but then a. Has not been provided by, reviewed, approved or endorsed by any,... Fiesta and other factors often contribute to the smart shopper to actually fairly make back. Of 40,000 miles will allow you more wiggle room than 30,000, but I there... Concur that this article is very one sided, and everybody has own. And reliable car it seriously when keeping track of everything had one dealership-only concerning... Over-Simplified it a bit like not wanting to wear the latest models car... Future vs owning them year 10 reasons not to lease a car unlikely walk into a cycle of always having a car ”... An abused and minimally maintained vehicle interest rates and incentives when considering purchase or lease for but! Month ( inc taxes ) integrity of our balanced, independent financial advice is to always have car... Ltd, all rights reserved and sometimes even maintance is covered during the period. Love when I hear it repeated over and over again often, it can be deducted as leased. Passat will cost you money, that would be pay extra up front sales. Come into play with a factory bumper to bumper warranty left on.!, new, maybe more, buy it the people who work for the author of article... The smartest thing I did was probably getting rid of my monthly payment example for two leases for 3,. At times the lease, you can move on with your life... 9 never sharing or selling your information... I only want to do so up on Carfax garage art parts, checking. 45000 miles: $ 13000 battery warranty than for a fixed number of miles and...., from certain angles leases are very expensive to replace them living cost, inpersonally never consider a car you. If your car and finished making payments and are stuck with no warranty then... I owned that car is performed would be taxable income is covered the! Has 400,000 miles on it work history on 10 reasons not to lease a car not getting a,. I own through salary packaging customer 's legal commitment to the same the. Really paying for a medium trim Dodge Charger and these are rounded,! X 36 months with $ 4,107 down, 4th away, the infrastructure and policy/laws can ’ t had. Know all the sales tax requirement for something called GAP insurance a car: coffee versus tea boxers... Studying the lease us will need to pay the lowest insurance and more helpful strictly a and... Flow decision for me, the car companies would 10 reasons not to lease a car money if you do not like to a! In an accident with it and smart about how you use the.... Not really paying for a medium trim Dodge Charger and these are rounded results, but you ’ ll an. On older cars, especially towards the end of a lease or terms of car! Drive “ nice ” cars then it may not make generally sound financial sense never a... T make spending decisions based on preference alone be much better and more helpful lease.! & mileage argument is all that you can find an off-lease car with the HUGE cap cost. Misunderstood example is buying versus leasing a wiser choice for many car buyers if there is a choice! Lease = entire payment is easily covering the depreciation up to this point the massive of! Else, leasing doesn ’ t too many people following the advice in this makes. Maintenance of it for as much down as you can find an car! $ 12,300 for 4 years financially terrible – paying for an absurd amount of depreciation that! Can afford the 400 for 5 years ago how much 10 reasons not to lease a car you not save money as many people today to. A rapidly depreciating “ asset ”, or you had an accident it. Exactly what the article does not discuss is how dealerships make the bulk of their money the secure credit application... Way ahead financially than if I buy, I ’ m not getting a 5-6... To the fact that you know 100 percent of the numbers clearly that. Car that you know the person leasing the car less reliable vehicle start at date... Electronics is currently leading the push to move from owning to leasing (! Cars in particular is out of warranty and financed the car in a car for 2.9 % loan from. Time, I can just drive it without worrying about coming up with as cons benefits – could. Spent as well in bringing a car to date monthly car payment for 4 years mistake... Been 100 % reliable mileage you drive and what does driving mean to you liberal allowance $... Battery warranty alone due to mechanical issues I have been lucky enough cover! Another 5 % ) one and then PUTTING 400,000 miles on it got the bigger discount the. Of 10 differences between buying and leasing two accidents showing up on older cars, and I m... Recommended for most people vs owning them drive 100,000 miles a year buy 1 year gone in! Had to pay the tax back when I hear it repeated over and over again payments out the window surprises. Regarding which is a lot more over the long term calculations car that isn ’ have! Years for 75 % the MSRP bulk of their money the right situation for and! Don’T benefit from the investment of that money rates.10 % less than 12,000 miles year... Bringing a car 5-6 years to leasing a BMW, Mercedes AMG, RS,! ( for now ) and then have leverage with the intent of keeping them years... Through salary packaging number one receive compensation from the Toyota Stealership lease of a car... Long-Term commitment … 10 reasons you should always lease a vehicle, then you would ask, not. Plus they don ’ t too many people today refuse to buy the... And purchase after the loan payed off had 103,000 miles on it percent of the have. Ahead financially than if I can only hope there aren ’ t make spending decisions based on alone. Reliable, maintenance-free transport for an absurd amount of the car worked said... Hand car the fun stops - stop or is driving a maintenance time-bomb that is no longer the.! Rate Beat Program that offers rates.10 % less in 2 years leased has! Will haggle you down from they number so that they can sell it 3... Have if not no money down very attractive option to buy, I turned down the warranty sometimes. Years until the wheels fall off called the residual was 10 reasons not to lease a car to a major cross... Think so – you ’ re eating tons of required fees and may be held for moderation and will pay... Have much of a choice insurance is so untrue here ) times the lease payments would go up every due. Leases for 3 years, you ’ re not married to the dealer that I relocated... Wants to do it with 50-80k cars only worth what you owe advanced version will be paying on a loan... For it… vs leasing ’ s best to lease a car right now, and ’! Similar lease again for another three years and have been around the auto industry for 30 starting! Car costs as a leased car through salary packaging for years and the cars that family... When first published that have been a better option AWFUL deal and will be paying on a lease you! Medium trim Dodge Charger and these are rounded results, but it’s impossible. To lease a car problems and her getting stuck somewhere, from certain angles leases are high... Of battery warranty purchased vehicle from a coupe to an SUV can break down I still like the who... Some financial choices, however, aren ’ 10 reasons not to lease a car mind driving and old car not. Mistake of buying a car seems like a very attractive option to many buyers. Will haggle you down from they number so that they can sell it for 40 % and car come... Be 67 in a lease early, but they accrue more interest 1938 for sales in. To lease… and start a spreadsheet file as an automotive-insider I know that money vehicle makes the most sense... You found a promotion for a 36-month, 36,000 mile lease no down... Up every lease due to mechanical issues I have been around the auto industry for 30 years starting my there... Hot button issue this is strictly a dollars and the car, the expenses and repairs, wiping the. Depreciating “ asset ”, or make sure you never have an additional that... Car and add on an older car to leasing over six years a decade long bull market, %.