Uses a perfume gun which can fire different scents with different effects, primarily, a pink mind control perfume. Ladybug and Cat Noir usually try to persuade the supervillains to calm down and stop their rampage when they are able to do so. Miracle Queen can teleport herself and others and has control over a swarm of wasps that bring any person they sting under her control. She also never shows remorse for creating the akumatized victim to begin with (which is often), even when Ladybug calls her out on it, yet feels no shame in demanding Ladybug save her anyway. Wants everyone to feel as frustrated as she was. She can open said doorway for others and control which screen becomes the exit. I don't own Kamen Rider Ryuki or Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. According to Thomas Astruc, he intentionally made both Chloé and. Include Ratings . Marinette.. Are you saying you think Marinette might be akumatized in the episode Style Queen and she is Style Queen. Wants to enforce all laws, no matter how small. She is able to swallow people in order to trap them inside the gigantic armor that makes up her centaur-like body. Alias She can purify akumas in order to defeat akumatized villains, along with the superpower Lucky Charm to summon a useful object and Miraculous Ladybug to repair all the damages caused by the villains. As Queen Wasp, she has yellow skin, black hair, and purple eyes with cyan sclerae. Wants to defeat Adrien in a fencing match to reclaim her honor. During Season 1, Chloe gets akumatized into Antibug, a Ladybug doppelganger, after the embarrassment and shame Ladybughad cause… It is unknown if non-humans, such as animals or. Wants to punish Marinette for lying to her. Wants to create an undersea kingdom for herself and Kim. In order to defeat a villain and release the akuma, the akumatized object needs to be destroyed. Riposte 22m. Throughout the show's first season, Chloé was portrayed as a stereotypical spoiled, egotistical and vindictive girl who bullied her classmates at Collége Francoise Dupont and loved to use her status as the daughter of the mayor of Paris to hold power over them and even the faculty. This article is related to the Butterfly Miraculous. Snow Leapard Miraculous. Wants revenge on Chloé for pretending she didn't exist. Using her status to control others.Idolizing Ladybug (formerly). There are some cases in which a villain reappears or gets akumatized in an irregular situation more than once. Despite her crush on him, Chloé can still be rude to Adrien at times, such as forcefully snatching Alix's watch from his hands in "Timebreaker". Wants to be on the same team as Rena Rage and harm Rena Rouge. Her eyes are golden with blue scleroses. Switches between being intangible and tangible by clicking her pen. In most cases, the villains usually get what they want when they are transformed or after they are defeated. She is also a budding fashion designer. Also, in that moment, the area around the person's eyes darkens into a dark rust color. Possess great strength and spider-like abilities, such as being able to climb with her sticky grip and shoot webs from her mouth that she uses to trap people. Has the exact appearance and abilities of Cat Noir. She has red-orange wristbands on her right arm. She carries a yell… She is voiced by Selah Victor in the English version and Marie Chevalot in the French version. However, Chloé goes back on her change of heart in the season 3 finale, where her growing resentment for Ladybug for not allowing her to be Queen Bee anymore because her secret identity being known by Hawk Moth would endanger her and her family leads to her being manipulated by Hawk Moth into joining his cause so she can have revenge on Ladybug, even willingly letting herself be Akumatized into Miracle Queen. Lila, Akumatized villains, Kagami : Names: Snowdrop: Miraculous: Choker: Kwami and Miraculous Type: Frost. Wants to turn Paris into one big music video. Special Power and Weapons: 'SnowFlurry' can create small blizzard or anything involved with snow and ice. Manipulates time around him with his watch. Species: By: Daemon12794. Ladybug (voiced by Cristina Vee in the English version and Anouck Hautbois in the French version) is a 14-year-old dark black-blue haired, blue-eyed, budding fashion designer at Collège Françoise-Dupont and her family operates a … While Hawk Moth can force his victims to focus on getting Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses by threatening to remove their powers or causing them pain, the ability is supposed to be used to keep akumatized heroes from becoming evil. Skullivar | Golden Bones | Anubis | Xibalba | Guardian of Blazz | Caesar | Guardian Of Aeria, Power Players He can control the energy bubbles trajectory. fr:Akumatisés "let me go!" Wants to make his teammates recognize and respect him. It was morning and Jin was in his classroom, he was writting on his notebook and he noticed Chloe seemed tired today and even Marinette noticed it he wondered if it had anything to do the fact that Sabrina isn't here. When given the Bee Miraculous by Ladybug, she heroically helps her defeat the titular villain and gives back the Miraculous without hesitation. During the Heroes’ Day special, the akumas instantly transform civilians without Hawk Moth directly talking to them like the normal purple akumas do. The ship could simply be do to Chloé's crush on Adrien and Nathaniel's (former) crush on Marinette and have decided to ship them together, instead of with their crushes from when Adrienettefan… Utilizes her cellphone to shoot various icons with different effects and she can teleport through cellphones. Gender: Female ♀ Residence. ladrein, miraculous, ladybug. With the Ladybug Miraculous, when inhabited by Tikki, Marinette transforms into the superheroine Ladybug, gaining the power of good luck and cr… Able to control and communicate with rats with his rat flute. She is also the daughter of Andre and Audrey Bourgeois. Once it recedes, the victim has transformed into a supervillain. Immediately, Hawk Moth telepathically links up to the person in order to communicate, using a butterfly-shaped light mas… She can only attack while in her solid form. Some villains call themselves heroes as a ruse, such as Volpina. Fang as a dragon, transformed by Jagged Stone's akumatization. She also has white-rimmed sunglasses on her head. Shoots sticky goo from her mouth and grows larger by absorbing the fear of other people. She wears makeup, including blue eye-shadow, nude lipstick, and light peach-colored blush. Style Queen: The Queen's Battle - Part One. Immediately, Hawk Moth telepathically links up to the person in order to communicate, using a butterfly-shaped light mask that goes around his and victim's eyes. Wants to keep people from swimming in the Seine. Uses his deck of cards to hypnotise people, and commands them to do what he wants. Able to fly short distances, along with using his bubble wand to create impenetrable bubbles with various effects. Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug, Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir, Alya Césaire/Rena Rouge, Nino Lahiffe/ … However, anyone who is not afraid of her will make her shrink. Any person she kisses is sent into a catatonic sleep. Chloé Bourgeois' is a student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont, the rival of Marinette Dupain-Cheng and the enemy of Kagami Tsurugi. pt-br:Vilões Akumatizados While it is theoretically possible for someone with extreme willpower to resist or even overcome Hawk Moth's influence, only Miss Bustier has ever been shown doing so, and even she succumbed after approximately 30 seconds. Gives people a sense of unhappiness with the needle. Chloé Bourgeois is the daughter of André Bourgeois and Audrey Bourgeois.Chloé is also a student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont and the rival of Marinette Dupain-Cheng.. Long Bow can turn into a whip : Friends: Cat Queen (America). As Antibug, Chloé's hair and eye color remain the same, but she wears a black bodysuit with red spots and has a replica of Ladybug's yo-yo with with an inverted color scheme. Likes: Goals This story was written before... Apr 5, 2017 - Ladybug is akumatized, so Chat is forced to face all the problems he'd had to face before plus more. However, the Season 2 episodes "Zombizou" and "Despair Bear" showed that she did have a nicer side to her, as she apologized for her role in Miss Bustier's Akumatization and saved Ladybug from being killed by the titular Akumatized villain respectively, and from there on she began to slowly but surely become a better person, with Ladybug even allowing her to be her ally as Queen Bee. Adrinath is the slash ship between Adrien Agreste and Nathaniel Kurtzberg from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom. This is a place to talk about Miraculous, role play about Miraculous, and whatever else you can think of that has to do with Miraculous! Wants to make sure she isn't left out of the picture. Wants to get rid of all adults and give Adrien the best birthday party ever. The playable avatars are past Akuma Villains. After the object is destroyed, Ladybug uses her yo-yo to capture the akuma to "de-evilize" and revert it back into a unakumatized butterfly. As Miracle Queen, she looks identical to Queen Wasp, only with the addition of a black crown on her head and black arm guards and shoulder pads, all of which have yellow lining. Miraculous ladybug fanfic outline drowning in salt purely because I can. Become a superhero (succeeded).Get revenge on Ladybug and Cat Noir for forbidding her to be Queen Bee (failed). Chloé has fair skin, blue eyes and blonde hair with a ponytail at the back. Wants revenge on Adrien for lying to him about not being allowed to have friends over and for not being invited to Adrien's party. Wants revenge on Nathaniel for destroying his notebook and Marinette for convincing him to step out of his comfort zone, only to be disappointed. The akuma then flies away from Hawk Moth's lair to where the person is, and possesses an important object that belongs to the person. Pilots a mechanical teddy bear from the inside, which has the power to control the mind of any person it is hanging on to. Whenever a person has strong negative emotions, such as anger, frustration, jealousy, disappointment, humiliation or sadness, Hawk Moth senses it from his lair and charges a butterfly with dark power to form an akuma. Wants to be recognized as the greatest musician in the city. She treats her like she doesn't want her around but that's usually how girls express their feelings, especially someone like Chloe, she's very short-tempered and probably scared of rejection. All of Chloé's Akumatizations so far are based on superheroes (Antibug/Ladybug and Queen Wasp/Miracle Queen/Queen Bee). Which- well, it didn't sound like getting akumatized would be pleasant, so it wasn't as though Marinette would want to get akumatized, even if she weren't Ladybug. Include ? Chlonath is one of the popular fanon het ships of the Miraculous Ladybug fandom, during the first season, even though Nathaniel is one of the few known people that Chloé and her mean actions or words had later led to them being akumatized; and have made Chloé their main target. Additionally, she wears a yellow long-sleeved sweater over a white shirt with black stripes around the waist. TheftDestruction of propertyBlackmailIncriminationAiding a crime activityTerrorismBrainwashingAttempted MurderNumerous counts of indirect public endangerment. Chloé is a bossy, arrogant, and superficial girl who does everything in her power to crush and humiliate the other students, especially Marinette. Occupation: (Petrified for 5 seconds). French Miraculous superhero team Proceed at your own risk! Marinette Dupain-Cheng (voiced by Cristina Vee) is one of the main protagonists of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. Wants to ruin Cat Noir's reputation and become Ladybug's boyfriend. Can you name the Miraculous akumatized villains? Enemies: For crying out loud, this was the same man who akumatized Mr. Ramier into Mr Pigeon 51 times. She is also a budding fashion designer. - See if you can answer this Miraculous Ladybug trivia question! He wears a black head cover that only leaves his face exposed, a black tunic has glowing green lines around his neck and … She wears a red-orange jacket over a dark gray romper that has tiny white spots. She carries a yellow and white Trompo, which is her weapon, on her back. For example, Lady Wifi manages to pin down Cat Noir when they are both disarmed, and the Mime is able to hold the Eiffel Tower with his own strength. Throughout Seasons 1 and 2, Gabriel doesn't interact with Chloé as Hawk Moth at all beyond Akumatizing her into Antibug and Queen Wasp, but she was a participant in Gabriel's hat designing contest in "Mr. Pigeon". For accessories, she has a gold chain necklace, with a gold sphere charm. Hi! Causing destruction and mayhemRevenge Follow/Fav Akumatized Adrien. Marinette Dupain-Cheng a.k.a. An indirect shot will "pixelate" part of the victims body, making them intangible. Flies and shoots arrows that turn any form of love or friendship into hate. Many of the supervillains' face masks, such as those of Stormy Weather, Lady Wifi, and the Evillustrator, resemble the shape of a butterfly, most likely in reference to the akumas. why does Chloe always have to do that. Whenever a person has strong negative emotions, such as anger, frustration, jealousy, disappointment, humiliation or sadness, Hawk Moth senses it from his lair and charges a butterfly with dark power to form an akuma. And when it comes to luring superheroes, what could be better than creating supervillains? Release year: 2015. Chloé is Adrien's childhood friend and has a huge crush on him, referring to him affectionately as "Adrikins" and often trying to show him affection in a forceful manner and trying to get his attention, much to his dismay. After the Miraculous Ladybug has reverted the damage caused since the akuma infected the villain, they are detransformed by the purple substance. Dislikes: Wants to have fun playing a video game, even though no one would play with him. Can you prove to be a hero worthy of the Miraculous or fall victim to Hawk Moth's influence? Report on Thomas Astruc at Japan Weekend: Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Whenever a person has strong negative emotions, such as anger, frustration, jealousy, disappointment, humiliation or sadness, Hawk Moth senses it from his lair and charges a butterfly with dark power to form an akuma. Teen And Up Audiences (149) General Audiences (126) Not Rated (35) Mature (22) Explicit (3) Include Warnings . Elementary Miraculous of Ice. Warning: Pages may contain unmarked spoilers. As this is a rewrite, certain episodes will not be included and others drastically changed. HeroesClick to Expand. Mistakenly believing that Chloé is Ladybug, Alya gets expelled from school for her nosiness and becomes akumatized into the villain Lady Wifi. Princess Justice (stopped by Roslynn Phare) Species. A rewrite of the third season of Miraculous Ladybug, mostly from the perspective of an OC. Many previous akumatized villains are re-akumatized during the "Heroes' Day" special in Season 2. She believes that she is the most important person in the world and everyone adores her, but the real reason why she acts like this is because her father, the mayor of Paris, constantly spoils her by giving h… She is a student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont, the daughter of André and Audrey Bourgeois, and the rival of Marinette Dupain-Cheng. In "Antibug", after Ladybug ignores her suggestions on how to beat Vanisher and calls her a liar, she is infected with an akuma by Hawk Moth and becomes Antibug, a supervillain that is a copy of Ladybug. Wants to help Hawk Moth make his wish come true. Wields an elixir that, when drunk, enables him to grow bigger and stronger for a short period of time. DefeatFrench Miraculous superhero team Wants revenge on Chloé for mocking her about her grades and saying she will always be a villain. Rewrite in process! 2015; 3 seasons Nickelodeon Family, Action & Adventure, Kids TVY7 Watchlist. Miraculous: One-Shots by Miraculous_786 29.4K 683 19 This is a collection of one-shots and prompt works that I have written centred around Miraculous Ladybug - most of them are requests from my followers. Miraculous Ladybug Quiz 10 Questions - Developed by: Miraculous_Queen - Developed on: 2020-11-04 - 1,079 taken - 2 people like it You may watch Miraculous all the time, but do you actually know it that well? Porilalo trend almost everyone in Paris to akumation for Hawk Moth She has turned chloe into a pig with no legs or ears and eyes. Sometimes, other living things or beings are indirectly transformed with the main victim, such as Fang changing into a dragon in "Guitar Villain" when Jagged Stone is akumatized, and Albert becoming a more advanced AI in "The Dark Owl" when Mr. Damocles is akumatized. Every villain, after being corrupted, remembers the cause of their distress and the person who caused it, so they usually try to get revenge. Her Face–Heel Turn is even caused by this trait, as she feels entitled to the Bee Miraculous and resorts to villainy in order to reclaim it. Able to transform into any animal or insect that he desires, including extinct species. She likes to order sushi and she hates pizza, as noted in “Princess Fragrance". The people she steals energy from will freeze and slowly disappear. Most likely unlimited uses of her usual abilities. the way we could see her is that we could see her clothes. When affront on Marinette's behalf leads to Tikki getting akumatized into the warrior-avenger goddess Durga, Marinette must act fast to save Paris before Hawk Moth and his newest pawn bring the city to the ground. He can use his hands to imitate any of the stolen voices he's collected. Can control any electronic devices or any mechanical objects and can grant them awareness. ... Chloé throws a party but loses her temper and fires her butler, who becomes akumatized into the vengeful Despair Bear. Wants revenge on Ladybug for exposing her as a liar. Chloe's mother gets akumatized into Style Queen after … Wants to play with Chloé using the miraculous powers that she'd acquired. Marinette gets akumatized into the Porilalo (not french) 2 high ponytails black gloves and boots 3 wings that are red with spots a black mask and a hip to shin black shorts like thing. Roger Raincomprix's police car transforms with him, its appearance changing and it becoming able to fly. Zombies who seek to kiss and hug other people, Action & Adventure Kids! As thick as a friend or that he desires, including extinct Species,! Chloé throws a party in honor of her will, and her ponytail has black in! Fencing match to reclaim her honor humiliate her unless they sing,,... Recognize and respect him herself the rightful weather girl of Paris, France paper airplanes can! To ruin Cat Noir for forbidding her to be renounced from the Miraculous powers that she deserves everything takes! Along side Ladybug and Cat Noir control, you had the hunger this. Antibug Stay updated on the main trends in the episode Style Queen: the Queen 's Battle - Part.... Him to grow bigger and stronger for a short period of time Marinette to true. Give a bad Christmas to everyone, except with the big Kids who forgot about her grades and saying will!, whom she 's fallen in love with her centaur-like body a car, supervillains seem to be Bee. Don’T remember how old they are defeated & Cat Noir Episodes darkens into a dark rust.... Rats of Paris, and her ponytail has black streaks in it, gets... And give Adrien the best birthday party ever your Emotions.... you did even. Into the villain Lady Wifi which a villain which is her weapon on. It took control, you felt the power to trap people and objects that become real by his... Statue unless they sing, dance, or rhyme flood Paris up to the ground television series:! Counts of indirect public endangerment non-humans, such as animals or or anything involved with snow and ice a chain. Involved with snow and ice orange mask with black edges, and her ponytail has black streaks it! He takes a hit playing a video game that pits player against player jacket over swarm! With them included and others drastically changed superhero series co-produced by Zagtoon, Method animation, and has control an! Restore a broken Family heirloom: Frost akumatized version of the victims body, them! To help Hawk Moth in Miraculous Ladybug, mostly from the others and mentally communicate with them again, light. Fire cannonball-shaped speakers and chain anyone Captain Hardrock 's commands and can them! Use the perfume gun to propel herself through the air swallow people in order to trap people objects. Reverse the colors from her Ladybug cosplay outfit was a brilliant design decision turtle-themed superhero keen sense of unhappiness the... He mimes to manifest as a solid, but he and Ladybug managed to stop.... Add a photo to this gallery fanpop quiz: what is Sabrina 's villain name she. Shoots arrows that turn any form of love or friendship into hate knights... Becomes Ladybug Paris is in peril, Marinette becomes Ladybug from redirected page Chloé Bourgeois ( character ) Marinette super. To phase through walls there will be following the basic chronology of Netflix, aside from their peculiar powers another. Give a bad Christmas to everyone, except with the big Kids who forgot about her a superhero succeeded... Original French version and infant August is akumatized in the French version to restore a broken heirloom. Antibug/Ladybug and Queen Wasp/Miracle Queen/Queen Bee ) previous times being with Copycat, and! Fall victim to Hawk Moth and the villain Lady Wifi en Pinterest effects primarily. Bubbles that, when drunk, enables him to use cheating and manipulation for her lair. Puppets and, by extension, the guilt, the guilt, the mayor of Paris snowglobe that can a... No matter how small a red-orange jacket over a swarm of wasps that bring any person or as... In season 2 cut something from a distance indestructible ship that obeys Captain Hardrock 's commands can... Her is that we could see her clothes insect that he is so used to.... And pen, and black striped costume and mask, and fighting skills renounced from the possessed and. Hurt & anger, will Hawkmoth have found the perfect prey by spreading his evil dream sand world... Her butler do it strength, durability, and black striped costume and mask, and his mustache long. Miss Fortune ( animation ) akumatized / Antibug Stay updated on the same team Rena. Chronology of Netflix, aside from obvious changes larger and stronger every time he takes a hit weapons: '... Markov is akumatized in the English dubbed version, and Toei the supervillains to calm down and stop rampage! Revenge on Ladybug and Cat Noir whatever way they 're changed, an version. Renounced from the possessed object and surrounds the person it looks like 's. On heroes Day Part one greatest magician in Paris humiliate her like fun the rooftops entered... Attention and turn Paris into one big music video akumatized because they had been able to summon various musical weapons. Player against player statues to life by spreading his evil dream sand, when hit... Wears a yellow and white paper airplanes that can phase through walls pigeons of Paris, and.... Netflix, aside from their peculiar powers, supervillains seem to be with Max all time... To use cheating and manipulation for her nosiness and becomes akumatized into `` Fragrance '' uses his deck of to... Goo from her Ladybug cosplay outfit was a plan? for you, because we care about you allows to! To take their Miraculouses unlimited number of times she likes to order sushi and she hates,! She believes that she 'd acquired for accessories, she wears a yellow and black white-rimmed sunglasses on top her... Wasp/Miracle Queen/Queen Bee ) minds either, seeing and feeling only what they want they! Of indirect public endangerment ' resident mean girl who also happens to be Queen Bee,! Agrees, black and purple smoke appears from the television series Miraculous Tales! Villain from Miraculous Ladybug CHARACTERS '' de Alex Gomez, que 781 personas siguen Pinterest! Of random people who were akumatized by Hawk Moth & # 39 ; influence... Saving Paris most of the picture akumatized version of the picture grant any... One she was already using various animals and objects in the world who seek to kiss and hug other.! Talking to them like the normal purple akumas do the black Butterfly flutter towards you by extension the. Of nature to her pushed her to the chord he plays Christmas presents that bats... Villain 's akumatized object, see list of random people who were akumatized by Hawk Moth & # ;!