The worst complaints are transmission, body / paint, and engine problems. The worst complaints are transmission, accessories - interior, and body / paint problems. On the other hand, lists rough and erratic shifting, misfiring engine, and flashing overdrive light as the chief problems found with this model. The recommended repair for this issue was the replacement of the cylinder heads. Loose lugnuts can cause a knocking noise in The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's structure with 83 problems. The 2007 year model was also reported to shift erratically. Which States Have Reopened After Coronavirus Lockdown? Also, check if there are any TSBs for the vehicle and if it is possible to get any needed repairs under warranty. "My heater doesn't blow warm air and or there is water/coolant on my rearend from a salvage yard than to pay to have a new ring and pinion #2: Sometimes the lugnuts can loosen. Seriously. This can be fixed by cleaning up the switch. How Reliable is the Ford Ranger? to learn how to permanently lock the hubs in place. I feel a vibration from the rear end at speeds over 65MPH. The Ranger is far from being alone on this one, but it’s a problem that owners of common-rail injected diesels can’t ignore. "Air bag light comes on.". You may have a bad heater core. Solution One owner also observed that the mutual radiator water and engine oil had to be refilled frequently. There is Here 293 problems have been reported for the 2006 Ford Ranger. You'll have to remove Problem: Tows my boat really well and travels behind th rv with no problems. The website also states that the vehicle only needs to be brought to the mechanic for unscheduled repairs an average of 0.2 times a year or once every five years. Tires flat ground, CHOCK the tires from rolling forward or backward, put it in These issues persist from model years 1991 through 2008. Solution: The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's air bags with 168 problems. The new 2019 Ford Ranger is bound to have a few production problems regarding the exterior. It started out just great and ran great, hauled trailer from Colorado to Iowa and after the last 3 years there has been nothing problems. "My electric shift 4-wheel drive transfer case doesn't shift.". You can find articles on this swap HERE The second most common problem is related to the vehicle's structure (20 problems). under the passenger side of the dash. Problem with your 2001 Ford Ranger? Solution: A common problem is misfiring on the first cylinder. Actually seems Symptoms include overheating, coolant smell coming from under the hood and the coolant seeping in … rotation.".