The Guava Tree is a sweet, fragrant tropical fruit which ranges in size from a small egg size to that of a medium apple. It is relatively cold hardy. The fruits flesh is aromatic, sweet & pink. guava tree products for sale | eBay Will fruit in container. The trees are believed to have originated from Central America. There are many seeds in the Red Indian Guava, however they are very small. Fruit is round shape and medium size. A lovely smaller variety of orange tree, producing early fruit with lovely sweet flavour. The guava is an excellent source of vitamins C and A. Guava is a good tropical fruit tree not fussy on the soil quality, and produces fruit year after year. Macadamia Nut Trees. Sweet White Indonesian. Large, rounded fruits grow to a pound. Supplied as bare root trees pruned to approximately 3 - 4 feet (90 - 120 cm) tall including roots. You eat the pulp which is sweet and delicious. Buy Affordable trees for homes and businesses. Requires Winter frost protection. GUAVA TREES ARE VERY HIGH IN VITAMINS. A three tree collection consisting of a Peach, a Nectarine and an Apricot - perfect for bringing the 'exotic' to the garden. Supplied as compost block grown plants. $64.95 $ 64. But with proper pruning in early spring you should be able to control it. The tree has a moderate growth rate. Supplied as a grafted semi standard tree approximately 3 - 4 feet (90 - 120 cm) tall including pot. Requires a minimum temperature of -5C. Most varieties bear many seeds embedded in the soft pulp of the center, there are a few varieties that are almost seedless. The guava tree can grow to 30 ft (10 m) and features wide spreading branches. Baby Kiwi / Hardy Kiwi. Grows to around 6 metres and is green all year round. Smooth, thin skinned, green fruits dotted white. Half hardy and evergreen. Available Now Produces oblong, juicy, yellow green fruits in late September. Medium-sized fruits have a pale green-grey skin and very juicy deep orange flesh. Cecropia is a beautiful tree with large tropical leaves. 4.7 out of 5 stars 11. Attractive and intricate flowers in Summer are followed by delicious fruits that ripen to a purple black colour. Shop now & save up to 50%! A perennial tree or shrub, guava is a heat and moisture loving plant that produces rounded fruits that start out green but generally mature to yellow or red when ripe. Description. Large variety of plants with several options available, mucky soils trees white guava tree for sale choose from and diseases Tropic! 1. Of course the only reason you are growing Red Malaysian Guava is for the fruit, but the tree itself does have some redeeming qualities. Cats love it. The fruit has a yellow, pink blushed skin, with a red, sweet fruit. Like or dislike for instant recommendations Price <$25 $25 - $50 $50 - $100 $100 - $200 >$200. Pierce Cherimoya. A handsome garden tree with delicious orange coloured fruits. A beautiful tree in its own right; unusual silver grey leaves and gnarled stems. 99. Wanted: Herbs and Spice Plants. Perfect for protected growing in the UK. Usually ships within 6 to 10 days. Tikal Guava is an excellent cultivar with large yellow-skinned fruit (about the size of a baseball) and sweet, pink flesh. Guavas typically have very thin skins, easily bruised, so they have to be handled carefully when being shipped. Available Now For Sale: Dolores and Jalisco red guavas and mangos « previous next » Print; Pages: [1] 2 All. Produces rounded fruits of a light orange, yellow colour. $39.99 +$15.96 shipping. Supplied as a pot grown plant approximately 2 feet (60 cm) tall including pot. Complete list of plant cultivation articles, Tropical fruit trees and their cold hardiness (PDF), Top Tropicals guide to late-season plants (Fall through Early Spring) in SW Florida (PDF), Top Tropicals guide to tropical fruit trees and their cold hardiness in SW Florida (PDF), SUNSHINE C-Cibus - Crop Nutrition Booster, Mango-Food - Smart Release Fruit Tree Booster, Seed Germination Mix #3, professional grade. Willis Orchard Company offers a unique selection of Guava trees for sale (Pink, Yellow, White, and Red). The fruit has a yellow, pink blushed skin, with a red, sweet fruit. Frost hardy to -7C. 9EzTropical - Tropical Guava White Flesh - 2 to 3 Feet Tall - Ship in 1 Gal Pot . //--> Ruby Supreme Red Guava Tree, Grafted, for Sale, 3 Gal Container from Florida 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. Skip to main content. Makes an excellent bonsai tree or simply enjoy it's fruit.