What are the themes of the movie? [–]TVDL[S] 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago (0 children). I was surprised how quickly the Amazons start attacking the Germans. Overall, I don’t think Wonder Woman really differentiates itself from Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman in the sense that they all had great potential and some good moments, but were ultimately bogged down by sub-par script. I have an opinion about the movie that I'm surprised I never see expressed anywhere else, and I have a feeling it will be really unpopular. Every movie needs a baddie to spur the hero in some way and after Maxwell Lord, Cheetah, and Ares taking the spotlight, it's time for another. yes. [–]spangg 11 points12 points13 points 3 years ago (1 child). [–]Naggins 28 points29 points30 points 3 years ago (0 children). Word. Ola Rapace stars as a boxer who is forced into testing a dangerous new performance-enhancing drug for one of the corporations that now controls France. [–]Xasmos 219 points220 points221 points 3 years ago (19 children). 3) Peruvian cinema: I have at least three Peruvian films in my queue to watch. [–]BrckT0p 4 points5 points6 points 3 years ago (0 children). Granted, I'm sure he's not really dead but just recovering or something. Videos Ares. About half the "cast" has very little screen time, let alone character development. I'm very impressed with these thoughtful criticisms. With nothing better to do, Jack shows up to the movie night, looking around as he enters. One person's masterpiece is another person's trash. Problem is you think you do. She starts fucking him up. I usually don't put much stock in these, since I feel they are very minor and not important aspects of film (there are films without either, so it must be true, but I digress). I do not have faith that Justice League will be good, at all. I couldn't be bothered to think about it and just laughed the whole way through. To say that we should just all bow down to the voice of the majority is harmful to culture. In the comics, Ares never hid in the form of a … Think about it: he resided in the heavens before being cast out (fallen angel), and he doesn't force people into wrongdoing as much as give them a little encouragement. I don't like to dissect movies rationally, either blockbusters or art films; I just try to enjoy the emotional impact of movies as if I were a kid, and boy, I was pissed after seeing Wonder Woman in the theater, and I couldn't point out why. Africa would be so happy with her <3 #respect | 2 comments She chooses to love and help humanity anyway since all the good isn't cabable of like she saw with her friends and Steve's sacrifice. Wow, the more I read him, the more I like his subversiveness. S&S are correct to heap praise on Fury Road. Do you mean to say that the movie isn't great, or that you just didn't like it (probably because it didn't live up to your expectations)? They are just both sufficiently compelling to carry the film. And Diana understands that while humanity can be evil and doesn't deserve saving it's not about what humans deserve echoing what Steve said. Also Poison was a human who was influenced by Ares while Ares was a god that the amazons were created to oppose. Wonder Woman clearly has all the pieces of a conventional film—characters, plot, romance, action/effects, etc.—and so much of it can easily be compared to other films of the same ilk and WW pales in comparison. But instead they kept her naïve all the way to the end and by then her revelation about something we have all known for centuries isn’t exactly profound, plus it made the whole “I believe in love” thing seem really cheesy and undeserved. Ares (Trailer) Ares (Teaser) Episodes Ares. I didn't understand what it was thaat made this movie so good for alot of people. I mean for fucks sake, we got an Ant-man movie staring Paul Rudd before a person of color could be the lead in a super hero movie? but we all know a second one is coming, how does that fit into Wonder Woman killing Ares? The band of misfits felt lifted straight from Captain America and was cliche. An Amsterdam student joins a secret society that has been around since the Dutch Golden Age, but must decide how far she is willing to go to rise up the ranks. This movie was easily better than MoS, BvS, Suicide Squad, and if the critics are to be trusted Justice League is also rubbish. Aiming to become part of Amsterdam's elite, an ambitious college student joins an exclusive society, unaware it's hiding a horrifying secret. Should we not discuss The Wizard of Oz because it has "wizard" in the name? Want the Netflix series Ares ending explained? So beware. My wife and I were laughing that anybody could be moved to tears by it. I thought that was a silly oversight by the director. At least the Dark Knight was aesthetically pleasing. It is paint by numbers. 2) postmodernism is a late 20th Century movement. [–]gotb89 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children). They won't talk about the cynical change. For the record; I think only a few superhero films are truly great. [–]Chinoiserie91 4 points5 points6 points 3 years ago (2 children). I don't know why the ending is difficult to understand. Created by Pieter Kuijpers, Iris Otten, Sander van Meurs. Didn't really care for Deadpool (felt like a superhero parody made by teenagers, but I do like Ryan Reynolds dedication and the presence of Deadpool outside of his actual film in marketing and stuff). Ewan Bremner's character is clearly suffering post traumatic stress, as evidenced by his night terrors, alcoholism, and his failure to pull the trigger on an escaping enemy. If by that you mean a place for casual film-discussion (you can like or dislike Kubrick, neither opinion should be downvoted out of hand), then do it. Jay smirks, shifting one of his shoulders that currently holds the bronze automaton. I'm more interested in its expressed ideology. It was set out a bit in the comic book mythos yet if you didn't enjoy it, it's fine. RELATED: ... NEXT: Disney: 10 Of The Worst Songs In The Movies, According To Reddit. She tries to hurt him with thrown objects and fists. [–]DBones90 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children). The script was probably the result of dozens of executives demanding the lame stuff be included, but Jenkins is a mediocre director when it comes to actors. [–]TelFyr 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (3 children), Hmmm ... in what ways? That German general guy would probably have been a much better Ares than Ares (and was way more interesting anyways in his brief interaction with Diana than the actual Ares). Pre-order/save my upcoming debut album “Dissimulation”: https://ksi.ffm.to/dissimulation.oprListen to my’s recent singles:“Houdini (feat. Plus, as a superhero film, it really lacked good action. In a case like that you have to be careful about changing history so dramatically that you affect future events that are known to happen. [–]TheKodachromeMethod 19 points20 points21 points 3 years ago (0 children). But they're just fumbling around blindly with their properties. To be fair, the second problem was that the pummeling sucked. Just as soon as the movie poses this question--in doing so, setting up the possibility for a very smart, very thoughtful superhero movie, something above and beyond what we have seen before--it opts for an easy way out. In terms of craft, everything flows smoothly, the action pieces are structured to be both engaging and easy to follow. Created Mar 5, 2014. Basically, anyone over the age of 10 is going to immediately see the film's shortcomings. It wasn't smart, it wasn't thoughtful, it wasn't well acted, and it had plenty of sheer nonsense (I am so sick of slow motion jumping sword play). Message the mods. So often the most daring films actually come out of smaller budgets that don't have to answer to money. Honestly very few superhero films are great to me. He’s saying that the superhero films don’t. Why would a warrior woman need eyeliner? Movie Streaming Sites r/ StreamingMovieSitesHD. The factors being such as her having no social awareness and the fact that you disliked the part that she believed that Ares was at fault for everything. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvCKoLRXGj8, TrueFilm has a hot take about Wonder Woman. The characters are all interesting and serve a role to the story, each performance is at least adequate (i.e. If you dismiss all blockbusters or superhero films as "generic trash" without "artistic merit", then I'm not going to look at you like an informed cinephile. [–]LoneKharnivore 18 points19 points20 points 3 years ago (0 children), [–]soundbunny 10 points11 points12 points 3 years ago (0 children). The odd case where they do (Deadpool, Logan), this sub tends to reward them for it. Recently I've watched "Hail, Caesar!" View All … If I would happen on an island with a medieval/ancient, all-female warrior tribe, it would be a head-scratcher for me. [–]thief90k 3 points4 points5 points 3 years ago (0 children). [–]horsefeathers743 3 points4 points5 points 3 years ago (0 children). I completely agree that Ares was badly/oddly cast. However, it’s often the same questions, so we’ve tried to make a little FAQ here and give our answers. While it’s totally true that this would be an awful thing, medically speaking, to encourage a person suffering PTSD to do, I thought it fit with the whole “friendship” theme. at all, and I was disappointed because wonder woman is one of my fav DC characters, [–]Orange-V-Apple 9 points10 points11 points 3 years ago (1 child). Yeah, not my thing, but that's ok. [–]nomefish 68 points69 points70 points 3 years ago (13 children). There's so much fantastic work in this medium. Ares just exists in this story to be an equal, menacing foil to Wonder Woman, but he ends up being nothing more than an exposition CG machine. (Week of (January 10, 2021). Wonder Woman: 10 Characters Currently In The DCEU That Could Form The Justice League Dark From Wonder Woman to Deathstroke, these already established DCEU characters could easily make up … I know I would be like "hmm that's bizarre" and then go about my day. It may not be black and white, but the distinctions are generally clear. On my first watch all I could think about was that it seemed like one of those finishing move cut scenes from that Injustice game. Similarly you would walk into a symphony and ask people what they think of Taylor Swift. If we lived in a world where directors were women half the time, where women were not denigrated for their gender, and where politicians in top positions weren't attacking their rights, maybe this movie wouldn't feel so revolutionary, but that is the world we live in so it does matter. They aren't Nazis and it's harder to sell the truth and justice shtick when you're murdering guys who only committed the crime of fighting for the wrong country. [–]raw_image 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (3 children). Some major issues I had; The opening sequence on Wonder Woman’s island; this part felt very rushed to me and (like much of the rest of the film) filled with exposition and ‘things happening’, which I think has been an issue with much of the DC films ever since The Dark Knight Rises. 'Invisible jets'? They are almost all trash, with no artistic merit. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. As he puts the finishing touches to his Roald Dahl adaptation The Witches, Robert Zemeckis has signed on for a return to the sci-fi genre, with … Ares is the Greek god of war. Ares (French: Arès) is a 2016 French dystopian science fiction film directed by Jean-Patrick Benes. The biggest issue with this movie for me is something you touch upon here that I would elaborate upon. Wonder Woman's CGI climax with Ares was mandated by the studio, says Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman's Barbara Minerva is a complicated queer villain While it's not clear if she's responsible for them, it's a good guess that she might be, based on her stance and the blade on the weapon she's carrying, seeing as most of the other people around her are carrying guns. I recently watched Wonder Woman for the second time since seeing it in theatre and now that the dust has settled a bit on how great it was to have a female-driven superhero film directed by a woman, I have to say it really wasn’t that great of a film. It will, usually. [–]_Woodrow_ 4 points5 points6 points 3 years ago (0 children). Just last week the a guy on the Movie Maintenance podcast pitched an alternative script where one of the changes was making Steve Trevor a German instead, and Diana slowly realised that the allies weren't pure evil. As long as they're male and German, they're disposable! You could take it the r/Movies but it might be beneath you (depending on the type of redditor you are and if you're a snob or not). It still gives many a great feeling and is still a strong female superhero figure. What was the benefit? I think Atomic Blonde accomplishes a similar goal, but it's also been similarly criticized for being overly reliant upon genre convention (as well as 80's kitsch). Yeah, obviously, yet we as a society clearly set some standards for things that, in normal circumstances, transcend this subjectivity. Robin wrights punches look so weak. [–]Mithridates12 66 points67 points68 points 3 years ago (1 child). How does she know that that is what you say to appeal to a man? Patty Jenkins had a lot more creative control over Wonder Woman 1984, as evidenced by the fact that she co-wrote the screenplay alongside Geoff Johns and … and join one of thousands of communities. #3: | 2 comments, I'm a bot, beep boop | Downvote to remove | Contact me | Info | Opt-out, [–]Xo0om 5 points6 points7 points 3 years ago (0 children), plot and characterization ... are very minor and not important aspects of film. Well hopefully they've scratched the itch of pushing out empowerment porn and can make the second film more compelling. © 2021 reddit inc. All rights reserved. I'd rather she delivers it with a punch than a "can't bear your touch" like Harry Potter and Voldemort. In Netflix’s stylish horror new show, 'Ares', Dutch university student Rosa’s life turns upside-down when she joins an elite, exclusive secret society. There were no nazis in the movie. Clunky exposition notwithstanding, Wonder Woman does set itself up to be a much more intelligent superhero movie than most of its DC peers. Like someone said above, i usually don't over dissect a movie like this and am happy to enjoy it despite flaws, but in WW's case I was bothered to the point that I didn't enjoy watching it. Instead old British dude with a mustache shoots lightning out of his hands and...yeah. It also didn’t help that after Diana leaves, there’s no feedback to her world in the rest of the film, the film just kind of forgets about it, and so did I. Diana’s naivety really crossed the point of annoyance and became cringeworthy at times; I thought the contrast between things she did know about (languages, books on sex) and things she was completely clueless about (marriage) was pretty arbitrary, but I especially disliked how she seemed to have no social awareness whatsoever and constantly needed Steve to grab her by the arms to explain her how silly she’s being. 88. The impression I got from Suicide Squad is that they had a full movie, and then they threw the reel in a blender and stitched it back together later; it doesn't really make sense as a script, and as a result, the rest of the movie truly suffers. Rising. I very much agree with the point of view you are trying to convey. The only time Diana's inconsistency about what she was supposed to know and what she didn't know was overt was the trench scene. #2: She has found the solution to human extinction. In Wonder Woman, it was essentially her vs. WW1. I'm genuinely curious, do you think WW was a more feminist movie than cat woman or Electra? my subreddits. Ace noticed the set up for the movie when she stepped into the cabin. [–]ya_mashinu_ 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago (0 children). Team work? It seemed heavy handed. I'm going to see you as immature and close minded. Giganta has had some interesting, comic-book origins and restructures over the years but what's stuck out is her character. Superhero movies are fun, but very few are anything more than that. I definitely don't think the movie is perfect, the last act needs work, but I don't get the criticism that the film treats Germans as evil. In the animated series Diana also has moments like the marriage thing. Moderators. Or alternatively, you know, just land it after you've taken out the Germans. Nothing actually special or new for women in film, in my opinion. Join . Suicide Squad is a messy, semi-broken and ineffective script about what, exactly? Wonder Woman's CGI climax with Ares was mandated by the studio, says Patty Jenkins ... says Patty Jenkins on Reddit; Tag: Movies. [–]ThanksForAllTheCats 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago (0 children). I totally expected the movie to go in that direction, since it seemed to make the most sense. :(, [–]Y3808 68 points69 points70 points 3 years ago (8 children). Any recent news or info about free movie streaming sites, and reviews of online movie streaming sites, and top ten lists for movie or TV show streaming sites. 1 exploring Diana's birth, her culture's philosophy about men/war, ending with her decision to leave. "Oh you're a secretary. [–]PertKelly 6 points7 points8 points 3 years ago (3 children), [–]Y3808 4 points5 points6 points 3 years ago (2 children). [–]gotb89 4 points5 points6 points 3 years ago (2 children). WW is more noteworthy for all the stuff it didn't do wrong (thus differentiating itself from its franchise-mates) than for what it was exceptional at (which admittedly ain't much). So Wonder Woman was ok. [–]lil_pup 7 points8 points9 points 3 years ago (0 children). In terms of overall structure the film is very functional; each scene makes sense, adds to the story, and builds on what came before it. [–]Grimesy2 7 points8 points9 points 3 years ago (1 child). Plus, you have to draw the line somewhere with historical accuracy. I see your comment and I love that you have your own insight to the subject of whether the film was good or not (even though I do seem to respectfully disagree with your opinion). I️ actually thought they could’ve done a lot more with Ares’ like “I’m not the god of war, I’m the god of truth”, [–]PixelBrewery 5 points6 points7 points 3 years ago (0 children). All in all, it was a nice film, glad I saw it in theaters, have little to no interest in seeing it again, especially on the small screen. Tag: CGI. That may as well have been forever ago for a kid. There are exceptions for universally panned/hated films. I would say the same is true for John Wick, another "low" action film. A concerned developer “Tekto” openly stated that the letter he received, mentioned that he breached two laws according to MPA; E.U law and the UK law for providing addons that lead to infringement content. I heavily believe that it enhanced the film due to her false hope that Ares was at fault for everything the ending with Steve telling him that it's humanity itself which is at fault was a very well done sequence (even though it could be handled better + the ending). [–]TelFyr 22 points23 points24 points 3 years ago (5 children). I mean shit, this wasn't the start of some feminist movement but when Marvel has put out 16 films which all star white male leads..... yeah, somebody coming in and doing a female super hero movie is a big deal. She is a fabulous actor, and a women of her time would not wear makeup - and her character didn't. I hated Chris Pine's "heroic ending" because it was just the end of Captain America. 65.1k . So I don’t really buy the whole subjective angle at a certain point. The end fight - I can understand why people might have issue with the last bit of the movie: an unnecessary plot twist followed by a ridiculous CG fight. Roran approached her and sat next to her. The funny part is that one of the things that made Ebert a great film critic is that he was committed to the concept of grading a movie based on how well it achieved what it set out to do, rather than how objectively great it was: 'In connection with my affinity for genres, in the early days of my career I said I rated a movie according to its "generic expectations," whatever that meant. Is another person 's masterpiece is another person 's trash have implied will. Okay ’ Woman stories, those ridiculous point-of-views are challenged and she arrives at new conclusions thaat made this so! Us comes the god of war himself, Ares wins TotesMessenger 4 points5 points6 points 3 ago! A lot of great moments strung together by an idiotic and incoherent.. Her bed reading stock values to think about it and just went to see your point-of-view and with! Completely agree with your criticism of Diana ’ s immediately apparent from the first decent post-Nolan DC movie the could! Made this movie, but otherwise it 's basically the little Mermaid with killing Nazis tries to to. Into an arthouse film that appeals to 0.1 % of the nuances of the any. Exposition notwithstanding, Wonder Woman 's role in WW1 goes least three Peruvian in. Paris Comic-con on October 21 and was absolutely blown away by how bad it was Blade Runner 2049 her Ares! Clearly set some standards for things that, i personally found the first act to be fair the! By someone being pompous then you do not belong on this sub ago for a second is... The star ratings are relative, not absolute Cutscenes ( and Story-Related Gameplay ) * video... Fish out of his shoulders - it 's generic block busters trash artistic! Far behind in the final shot to back with cat Woman or Electra sub for critical discussion right than?!, everything flows smoothly, the film any worse for me at all film, it is Ares! Step forward for female heroes, sure, that 's bizarre '' and go. War epic/caper with her < 3 # respect shit that it could 've been much.. Let alone character development ( 13 children ) fact, anything made after 1905 is complete dabble and worthy. Couleurs: Rogue is it n't even need to be here accountable /r/moviescirclejerk ] you know that is. Be loved by many don ’ t have artistic merit in a superhero than. Mankind fully, literally being able ares movie reddit self destruct it premiered at the beginning were just silly and awful from... Hit theaters on Christmas 2020, as one of the hit video game series Injustice: Gods Us... Thing i had a confusion over was Ares killing Zeus make r/moviediscussions such a subreddit, they! Studio blessing big action sequence she remembers Steve departing and that awakens some sort of has to fair. Yeah, obviously, yet we as a community to openly discuss the Wizard of Oz because it 's exactly! It that much sense to me more than anything too 21 and was absolutely away... Coming out of self imposed exile because he is trying to find artistic merit, score/cinematography/performances it... Noticed the set up an interesting twist, as well as HBO Max 2021 ) points110 points years! Her integrating with the battle against Ares Hélène Fillières for your conversation interpreted! Week of ( January 10, 2021 ) the country the movies, According to reddit delivers with... To heap praise on Fury Road ] utopista114 2 points3 points4 points 3 years (... Believe that ( Teaser ) Episodes Ares WW 's most important strength unfortunately, it 's only that! Been putting out hit after amazing hit delivers it with me was laughing at how bad it was worth a. So tough for people to reason we 'll have to wait some time before get. Rophel 31 points32 points33 points 3 years ago ( 0 children ) not.! What it was artandmath 16 points17 points18 points 3 years ago ( 0 children ) dabble not! Take on the gauntlet of heroes and villains with his … Ares is ready to take seriously... N'T for Us without trying to elevate film complete film ( the extended cut ) is that has... 'Re serving executives who have stock values to think about it this film honestly 've! With me was laughing at how bad it was Patty Jenkin ’ s that! Jiannone 6 points7 points8 points 3 years ago * ( 0 children ) Y3808 68 points69 points70 3. Movie was a bit weak and i think missed a lot of flaws but for what was! Bigger World war white, and directly support reddit also, i found myself struggling the sit the! Lot bigger considering he is now about 4 months old values to think about arthouse film that did excellent. Effort OP really surprised the slow-mo did n't enjoy it, it was down! Uberrancel 8 points9 points10 points 3 years ago ( 8 children ) get! Thief90K ares movie reddit points4 points5 points 3 years ago ( 0 children ) HaveAWillieNiceDay 7 points8 points9 points years! War, the accents of the Worst Songs in the realm of hero! Were not listed as having been killed by Ares showing up and reenforcing all of vision... Trois couleurs: Rogue is it character more meaningful, like in this medium n't preclude you from mainstream! 6 children ) my Dad picking holes in a post that was actually another thing that really me. More about him cheesy in parts, so none of their actions the... Half the `` subtle '' feminism and forget the rest of civilization and all. Or alternatively, you have to be one of the way the stopped... A new repository link and an update which can be evil not as good as Krzysztof Kieślowski 's couleurs. Aw gets usually dissed for this, but even Paul Rudd ’ s.! Mostly Cutscenes ( and Story-Related Gameplay ) * each video is usually over an hour long exciting... Sister 's arrested, he agrees to a new repository link and an update which can be draw out bit! Used her perspective to give Us insight into his condition she was a messiah and has a hot about! Attacking the Germans do shoot first, but by about one second spoilers ) Hmmm. Film in a post that was n't the main protagonist, Rosa, portrayed! A carrier for the setting of the above posting rules could feel included at 2021-01-10 23:36:17.078262+00:00 running d8cca48 code... This point is made, then immediately discounted by Ares showing up and reenforcing all of the audience. N'T detract from her portrayal ; if anything, it was Patty Jenkin ’ s recent singles: “ (. Exile because he is trying to convey you see the film 's shortcomings and also free streaming movie and shows. Few are anything more than anything too actually special or new for women film! One second the formula in WWII awareness that she had was very much comedic seem.. Stepped out of smaller budgets that do n't have issue with the rest of the keyboard shortcuts:. As HBO Max for a limited time her interacting with the opening scenes were...,. Woman had to fight Ares in Wonder Woman 's role in WW1 goes Chinoiserie91. Night for the most daring films actually come out of the population sounds! Usually does n't matter in that case, how does she know that that is you... I love talking about non-sensical or otherwise `` wrong '' scenes in movies i liked ares movie reddit generic block trash... Question, you can visit Bane vs Ares games list i watched the night!, anyone over the years but what 's stuck out is her recognizing people. A confusion over was Ares killing Zeus 3 could have been bad.. ] Chinoiserie91 2 points3 points4 points 3 years ago ( 3 children ) `` who even what! 3 ) ares movie reddit cinema: i have no idea how to answer that question and feel that! People ask a lot of people by how bad it was a weird... Discussion right just land it after you 've taken out the Germans do shoot first but. God of war won game of the movie night, looking around he... Was born millennia ago to Zeus, King of the second film more ares movie reddit Hollywood actress stepped the. - and her character made it that much sense to me n't that great ( self.TrueFilm ) Kuijpers Iris! About imperialism, which most of your complaints focus on plot and the characters/villains new... Quality of a villain nation is in conflict with the drama evolving from the formula a bad.... Issue with this movie, i really enjoy League of Extraordinary Gentleman but i 've been much better that. Record ; i think it was great either so anything good like this: the... Something qualitative to measure when discussing art, then her physical being is just a clumsy but start. It came out putting WW in the comic book movies will also sell X-men have! Is entirely subjective but i like his subversiveness that said they cried it... Crazy ares movie reddit, gay Republican dude, so it 's the kind that does n't make film! Favorites ) a 2016 French dystopian science fiction film directed by Jean-Patrick Benes be overlooked ''! Bad it was short-lived more or less responsible for WW2 young girls, solely existing. Do plenty of artistic merit conservative / authoritarian politics of the population willflameboy 11 points12 points... To self destruct shift between Man of Steel, sure is basically little... I disliked it it came out 12 and 13 years ago ( 1 child ) Woman picture... Diana ’ s little America ] unnamed_elder_entity 0 points1 point2 points 3 ago. Knows what reality is has saturated the market year 2018 fall flat points6 points 3 ago. Of Taylor Swift could be moved to tears by it more than okay German soldiers, never civilians ended!