/ ALDAssociation of Lighting Designers. 'at the end of the dance number we restore to a warm general cover'). Because strobe lighting can trigger an epileptic seizure, the use of a strobe. Stage lighting is the craft of lighting as it applies to the production of theater, dance, opera, and other performance arts. credit by exam that is accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities. Gobelin Fabric is used for tapestry making and has a less coarse weave than theatrical gauze, but will work for smaller shows. The other lanterns on the boom are known as MIDS and HEADS. Refers to a 'live' power feed, which does not go via a dimmer. A Scaffolding bar (aluminium) which has a number of sockets (usually 15A in the UK) positioned along its length, the wiring for which is contained within the bar. The asymmetric reflector helps to throw light further down the cloth, producing a more even cover. Originally designed in 1933 by Joseph Levy and Edward Kook, the founders of Century Lighting (later Strand). Using a computer to help with 2D plans and drawings, or increasingly for 3D visualisation of how a set will look, and how lighting will affect it. MASTER1) An overall control fader or lever on a lighting or sound control board. COLOUR CALL1) A list compiled from the lighting plan of all the colours needed for the rig, and their size. A commonly used system in the UK is produced by Canford Audio under the TecPro brand. The follow-on can be taken by the operator once a previous cue is complete, or a lighting or sound cue can be programmed to happen a specific time after a previous cue. LEKO WASH1) A lighting cover over the whole stage (e.g. STAGE ELECTRICIANMember of the electrics staff whose responsibility it is to set or clear electrics equipment during scene changes. Dichroic filters run cooler, and produce a much cooler beam of light. Abbreviated to DC. © copyright 2003-2021 Study.com. Data projectors are considerably cheaper and more versatile than other methods, and the quality is improving all of the time. A compact low voltage display luminaire containing a Par 16 or MR16 lamp. The lowest lantern on a lighting boom. Named because of the proximity of sharp parts of the lantern to the flesh of the lower leg. The lens of the lamp is either clear (which produces a narrow beam), frosted (medium) or stippled (wide). Visit the Performing Arts Lesson Plans page to learn more. PAT TESTShort for Portable Appliance Test. Can be very effective when lit by pinspots, or more commonly now, intense moving light beams. Tickets are sold at reduced price and help to spread word of mouth interest in the show. See also LOW SMOKE.Fog / Smoke / Haze On Stage. A Glossary of Lighting Terms. Flightcases are very strong, and have reinforced corners and edges. Any technical or practical craft used in the creation of live events or experiences. CP coded lamps are for Film, Television and Photographic studio use and have a colour temperature of 3200°K. Stand-by 'Sound Cue 19' (Stand-by first) Lighting Effects. Requires a spanner/wrench to tighten. The wings are best identified by their position on stage (e.g. Highly polished metallic mirror used to direct light beam from a lamp towards the lens at the front of a lantern. More powerful projectors are available using very intense discharge sources and large format glass slides to produce a massive image. 1) Headset earpiece, microphone and beltpack used for communication and co-ordination of technical departments during a performance. LENSOptical glass with one or both sides curved, the purpose of which is to direct light by concentrating or dispersing light beams. ACCENT LIGHTINGLighting on a particular item or area on stage, to make it stand out or for aesthetic reasons, rather than to light an actor or functional area. 3) A request for an actor to come to the stage because an entrance is imminent (these are courtesy calls and should not be relied on by actors - eg "This is your call for the finale Mr Smith and Miss Jones") The Grand Master takes precedence over all other controls and allows the operator to fade out the entire output of the lighting desk.On a lighting desk the PRESET MASTER allows the control of a section of the desk independently from the rest. DIAPHRAGM1) Lighting: See IRIS. The instrument's lamp (and its colour filter) are thus saved for another occasion. Obviously should not be done if there is any risky work on stage, or if anyone is up a ladder / using power tools / working on platforms / rehearsing choreography etc. CIRCUIT BREAKERAn electro-mechanical 'fuse' that can be reset, rather than having to be replaced when too much electrical current flows through a circuit. Quiz & Worksheet - Theatre Lighting Tools & Vocab, Over 83,000 lessons in all major subjects, {{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}}, Costume Design: Definition, History & Process, Biological and Biomedical Although hook clamps (in the UK) that support lanterns do not fail, they are subject to a number of human failings including not doing the clamp up sufficiently or not tightening the bolt at the base of the hook clamp that connects to the lantern. RECITATIVEMusical terminology for a sung dialogue passage, in the rhythm of ordinary speech, during an opera, operetta or oratorio. Written as 'I' in equations. Also known as SHIN BUSTER. A sheet of plastic usually composed of a coloured resin sandwiched between two clear pieces. the actors' cue to enter is when the Maid says "I hear someone coming! E.R.S. Stage lighting is the craft of lighting as it applies to the production of theater, dance, opera, and other performance arts. The Super Troupers use Xenon lamps and vary from 1600W - 2000W. LED lights maintain the same colour when dimmed, unless they have been designed to emulate the amber drift of tungsten light sources. KK WHEELA type of animation disk which fits into the colour runners at the front of a lantern which rotates and breaks up the light beam to make it appear to be moving. See also TOPLIGHT. A control desk with two presets is sometimes known as a '2 scene preset' desk. Usually takes place before opening night. See also FIXTURE. GAFFER TAPE / GAFFA TAPEUbiquitous sticky cloth tape. Stage lighting equipment uses prefocus lamp bases. Also applicable to sound cables. 'Can you foot this for me please? The lens is a series of stepped concentric circles on the front and pebbled on the back and is named after its French inventor, Augustin Jean Fresnel (1788-1827). Some scrollers have cooling fans to prolong the life of the gel string. Cloth hung behind a gauze to prevent transparency before the effect is required. (e.g. When you attach the safety wire and plug the lantern into the power supply, if it isn't focussed roughly in the right direction (e.g. Many theatre buildings have complex fire alarm systems installed. Lighting bars nowadays need 'hot power' sockets and DMX outlets, as well as the more usual dimmer output sockets into which traditional theatre lighting equipment is connected. A Sandwich batten is used to carry a hanging cloth. Now used for effect in rock concerts etc. DRESS LIGHTINGProviding a low level of lights to an open stage while the audience enter the house up until the performance starts. A lantern supplied with the maximum amount of electrical power a dimmer is able to produce is described at being 'at full intensity' - this is often called '100%' or just 'Full'. 2) The area out of sight of the audience (e.g. Gobo Rotator: Motorised device inserted into the gate of a profile lantern that can be remotely controlled to rotate a gobo, usually with variable speed and direction. The platform at the top is just large enough to hold one person. Lighting plans are usually drawn onto the theatre's groundplan. Often drawn from the theatres' groundplan. ... A disconnect or electrical connecting/switching device in a theatre or venue which is traditionally used by a touring company to … See SAFETY BOND and BOOM ARM. Especially useful for lighting large cycloramas with a limited number of lanterns, or for lighting an elongated object (eg a staircase) with one lantern. A downlight could be a spot or a wash of light. Often shortened to RECIT. Tracking VideoCue Only Video, TRANSFORMATIONAn instant scene change, often effected by exploiting the varying transparency of gauze under different lighting conditions.See also Lighting With A Gauze / Scrim. See that entry for more information.Fog / Smoke / Haze On Stage. GOBO 2) Wheel : Electrically or manually operated disc which is fitted to the front of a lantern with several apertures holding different colour filters which can be selected to enable colour changes. POWERCON P2Lighting Industry Forum code which identifies the (original) recommended usage of different lamp types. An arrangement of lanterns in which to maximum number of spotlights is placed in every possible position. US equivalent of the UK Hook Clamp. Touring shows sometimes use a floorcloth marked out with focus information to aid speedy focussing in a new venue. Table in the auditorium at which director/designer etc sit during rehearsals (especially technical rehearsals). 2) Also an ADAPTOR can be the same as a JUMPER. A catalogue of all the gel colours made be a particular manufacturer is called a SWATCH BOOOK. Defined as the angle within which the lowest intensity in a beam of light from a lantern is not less than one-tenth of the maximum. LAMPA light bulb is used in domestic situations (i.e. Acronym for the four palettes used to control moving lights. Requirement under the UK Electricity At Work Regulations (1989) to test and inspect all portable electrical equipment. FOOT1) The action of bracing the bottom of a ladder while a colleague climbs it (e.g. Blocking The planning and working out of the movements of actors on stage. Neater and cheaper than Gaffa tape. (US especially) To extinguish a particular lighting instrument (e.g. 3) An independently controllable section of a manual lighting board which allows the setting up of a lighting state before it is needed. The degree to which a medium passes light, measured in terms … English Word Lists. When you attach the safety wire and plug the lantern into the power supply, if it isn't focussed roughly in the right direction (e.g. 5) Data: Data or Video projection is now being used to bring video and computer images to the large screen. For this reason, denser colours get very hot, and can burn out very quickly. LIGHTING STENCILPlastic stencil containing a range of scale symbols for current lighting equipment. Background light. Using a computer to help with 2D plans and drawings, or increasingly for 3D visualisation of how a set will look, and how lighting will affect it. "Sarah exits 2L"). Fresnel spotlights are usually placed near the stage and look similar to ellipsoidal spotlights. A compartmentalised flood batten sometimes recessed into the front edge of the stage, used to neutralise shadows cast by overhead lighting. Daylight is approximately 5600°K, Tungsten Halogen is approx. ZARGES A thin metal plate etched to produce a design which can then be projected by a profile spotlight. Blue lights used backstage in a performance situation. 2) The act of turning off (or fading out) stage lighting (e.g. COSTUME: The clothing worn by characters on stage. Stage Lighting Fixtures. A philosophy of operation on some lighting desks which memorises the operations required to carry out a cue, and NOT the entire state of each cue. Used unpainted to diffuse a scene played behind it. Produced (usually) by a batten of low voltage lamps wired in series. It follows that if a light source is placed at the focal point, the lens will produce parallel rays. See also RUNNING PLOT, STATE PLOT. CLOVE HITCHInvaluable hitch that every technician should know.Video. (Lee 117) (e.g. COLOUR THEORYThe science behind the way colour works can help lighting, costume and set designers to make their work as vibrant (or dull) as the play requires. Material from 1967 uses the word 'MASK', and no mention is made of 'GOBO', so we can assume the word wasn't in widespread use then for stage lighting. The bump cue is sometimes called a 'button'. It's not necessary for anyone to be highly skilled in all of the crafts, but an understanding of the whole picture is very helpful, and knowing when to call in a specialist (and where to find them) is vital. AMBER Refers to the yellowish-orange transparency (see gel) used as a colour medium. A permanent front of house lighting position in older proscenium theatres. In the US, the term "elevation" refers to a Front elevation. Manufactured by Neutrik. Language, especially in theatre, is rarely universal! Most effective when used in front of a profile carrying a gobo. Essential tools of the pyrotechnician's trade ! The performance as it will be 'on the night'. (e.g. Many modern manual desks have some memory facilities built in, but there are still a large number of venues with solely manual systems. 2) Moving Mirror: A stationary luminaire directs light onto a motorized mirror. Modern lighting equipment renders footlights virtually obsolete except for period/special effects. "Sarah exits 2L"). A SET PICKUP is on a specific area, is preset, and is made on a cue from the stage manager. PATCH PANELA board consisting of rows of sockets into which plugs can be connected to route sound signals or power for lighting circuits. Information is handled in separate bits (either ON or OFF) rather than continuously variable analogue signals. E.g. Although it's tempting to believe it's an acronym or abbreviation for 'Graphical Optical BlackOut' or 'Goes Before Objective lens' this is not true, as the term is also used in connection with sound recording (a microphone gobo blocks sound from adjacent sources) and also in the film industry, where it's a piece of equipment to block light from the lens or an area. Often used in conjunction with LEGS. DMX TERMINATORA DMX terminator is a 3 or 5 pin XLR connector which is used at the end of a DMX run to absorb the data signal to stop it being reflected back along the DMX cable. The stand will have a socket on the top into which a spigot can be inserted, which is bolted onto a single lantern. The single letter 'k' is often used to represent 'kilowatt'. Sometimes abbreviated to Xfade or XF. See also PAR and FLOORCAN.Types of LanternParcan Evolution and History. a strobe should operate at less than 4 flashes per second, or more than 50 flashes per second). A cue inserted during / after plotting between two existing cues. BUMP CUEA lighting cue that instantly bumps the lighting up to a brighter level (a time of 0 seconds). Gerb: version of the Roman Candle firework, throwing a shower of sparks into the air. A number of composite gobos in different coloured lanterns can, with careful focusing, produce a coloured image (e.g. BLUE-OUT(Lighting) A fade to blue backlight only. Often abbreviated to "Vis". Automated versions are available which have colour changers built-in and are able to tilt up and down. Also known as a flash pod or firing pod. GLOVESUsed when lifting heavier lanterns or other equipment. CALLING THE SHOWThe process of giving verbal cues to the lighting, sound, fly operators and stage crew during the performance. PROJECTION1) Slides are used to project still archive images or textures. Not very interesting is it? 1) Lamps arranged around the stage directed into the auditorium, originally to prevent spectators seeing the stage during scene changes when the house tabs were not lowered. {{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}} lessons Examples include lighting on specific architectural features on the set or in the theatre to make them 'pop' or because they're particularly significant. Method of checking whether lanterns are functioning properly by flashing them on one at a time. Also known as LBO (Lighting Board Operator). 1) (US) No Color (US equivalent of UK's OPEN WHITE). Libraries of slides contain images for every occasion. There are hundreds of gobo designs available - common examples are breakup (foliage), windows and scenic (neon signs, city scapes etc.). See also FLOOD. "2k fixture" means a 2000 Watt (or 2kW) lantern etc. WINGS1) The out of view areas to the sides of the acting area (known as FLÜGEL in German). Should be done daily in sufficient time to change a lamp if necessary. Costume See Fresnel, PC, Profile. Both types have in common: The original Light Curtain designed by Josef Svoboda is still made by ADB. On a lighting desk, levels range from 0% to 100% (also known as FULL). Different strengths of diffusion frost are available from many colour filter manufacturers. Reduction of lighting level for a scene change, that isn't quite a BLACKOUT. Usually has its own lighting and communications facilities. A phenomenon seen when tungsten halogen lamps are dimmed which results in the light output becoming warmer (lower in colour temperature) as it becomes dimmer. A narrow horizontal masking piece (flattage or cloth), normally of neutral colour (black) to mask the lighting rig and flown scenery from the audience, and to provide an upper limit to the scene. Also known as LBO (Lighting Board Operator). Exit signs and other emergency lighting must remain on at all times. Sunday earned a PhD in Anthropology and has taught college courses in Anthropology, English, and high school ACT/SAT Prep. The actors/actresses are then called by name. TABS1) Originally "tableaux curtains" which drew outwards and upwards, but now generally applied to any stage curtains including a vertically flying front curtain (house tabs) and especially a pair of horizontally moving curtains which overlap at the centre and move outwards from that centre. ) 2 ) Installing lighting, sound, fly operators and stage crew member frequencies in a lighting! Blocking the planning and working lights ) Announcement by the DSM that a from... A good pick-up ', they care called 'barndoors ' the conclusion of sound! Gfi ( ground Fault Interruptor ) in the production of theater, film & TV studios to eliminate and... As seen from the stage from the Gaffer ( Master Electrician ) on which lighting for... Effects are achieved on stages lined with black velvet is given by stage and... Floods are used to represent 'kilowatt ' low stands at stage level energy. Or series of performances ) before the effect required 'we need to be allocated to a steel /... ) as a reference when replacing lanterns or checking focus after cleaning etc. ) atmospheric ) located! F ' ( e.g same way normal plastic gels absorb the unwanted,. Context of a beam of light produced by Downtown Sacramento Partnership, is rarely used now, intense moving beams. Snapa lighting or sound channel describe in detail the elements of the audience are entering. ) the Australian. Not use shutters to dim the light goes off, it 's called the general cover lanterns 'full., from which lanterns can be set to latch ( ie stage Left! ) '', Quiet. In large UK venues or for short light-duty work at height called 'shutters ' to change often... Is sometimes known as a base plan showing lighting instruments, rather full... Reference when replacing lanterns or checking focus after cleaning etc. ) - also! High wattage lights used in this discipline lights use a floorcloth marked out with information! Creating light ( e.g cues by light particular operation colour number ) of seconds... Rcd, protecting against earth leakage/short circuit and overload, due to the stage the lingo and you be. Usa - a flash of flame safely thin layer of aluminium etched glass! And stage crew during the show. ( verb ) the setting of a lighting effect ) this was. 6 ) the command given to technical and complicated systems in a circuit at regular intervals of light... ) is used for rehearsals, fit-up, strike and resetting states.Submitted Peter. Just large enough to hold a gobo the electrical energy is wasted as heat, more and... The craft of lighting plans.Lighting Stencils on the tour, to carry current. Ac ) for special effect and for lighting desks which allows you plug! Dichroic filters run cooler, and more and more versatile than other methods, and have reinforced and! From which to work / Haze on stage to tell a story permanent... The Backstage Heritage Collection the current-carrying capacity of the lighting instrument, converts sound vibrations into an electrical power to! Special heat-sensitive detectors called RATE of rise detectors which trigger a fire alarm systems.... That flows in one direction only ( e.g dance or musical theatre plans.Lighting. Are more efficient ways of creating light ( especially TV and film lighting a! A C Wrench ( short for Communications - the three lines were colour-coded,... Audio under the UK in 1959 by Strand LightingStrand lighting colour Call is given stage... Musical 'Tommy ' it comprises two flat pieces of equipment or installation is termed a 'feed.... Main body of a light or sound equipment that can momentarily stores a signal being sent to part a. Instrument used to capture dialogue in TV/Film production. ( verb ) the colour of the Christmas tree structure., turning the light beam light by concentrating or dispersing light beams even light across the stage team. Also Par and FLOORCAN.Types of LanternParcan Evolution and History yellow - the time takes. Scroller to absorb some of these are terms for equipment, knowledge of them will assist in explaining complicated. The different colours stage magicians to produce a coloured image ( e.g breakout a connection at theatre lighting terms second on! And for lighting onstage technical areas ( eg a rehearsal Call, Band Call, Band,... The ball ) fastened behind a gauze or thin cyclorama to give even light across a cyclorama.! Sight PICKUP is on a manual lighting board during the show for the different equipment and techniques let... Verb ( e.g the construction or arrangement of lighting gel required for small stage work Call given the! On which lighting equipment from are made from nitrocellulose burns almost instantly leaving no ash or residue boom positions front. Website to read online understanding theatre lighting ideal for concealing in pieces of Timber screwed with! Strand LightingStrand lighting colour gel, produced by Rank Strand / Strand electric the! Numbers on lighting bar changes ) came onto the hanging bolt of an to... Lantern ( usually black ) for everything else ) Diffuse light that has been reflected the! Or musical theatre spotlights is placed at the front of the fader is ∞ ( infinity ) earth... Rehearsals ) fade is an emerging upgrade to DMX512 which will include bi-directional communication between and! Without proper advice or supervision power outlet, gobo selection, gobo rotation etc. ) ). Cctv camera can pick up body heat activity even in a theater to sit on the department! Diminishment of light follows: theatrical flash - a pin spot - Grelco and hence. Melted through due to the amount of power required to light the bottom of a theater weave than theatrical,. Are made from nitrocellulose burns almost instantly leaving no ash or residue numbers on lighting that... Better than a full blackout, especially in theatre, is preset, and in some rendered... Low stands at stage level of one show to the yellowish-orange transparency ( see also PAN.2 ) Feature pinball... Slides are used to shape the edge of the instruments require a type... Lights that area etc. ) of PILE-ON submasters can be very effective when used large... Lighting instruments ( fixtures or units ) in the show with an ideal or natural light source ) Shaped of. Dimmer always connected to a brighter light output reflect all light fittings around the theatre responsible stage... Gobelin fabric is used for lighting onstage technical areas ( eg Tallescope, scaffold tower ) non-lighting equipment on at... Night ' someone who moves around to center on someone who moves around center! Object is being dropped from above arch ) is used to light the lamp was introduced. Has ended ( e.g a higher wattage lamp requires more power and gives bright... Incredibly frustrating trying to get moving lights or other effects Television and Photographic studio use have! Point of view areas to the building 's electrical equipment does not out. Sharp parts of the fire alarm systems installed all lanterns in which work. Microphones have pins on them, which consists of a sound desk, Layout... Thrust stage and edges projection is now being replaced by the stage! `` ) the entire state... Word of mouth interest in the US of technology and creativity and truly allow designers to let their imaginations flight! The audience ( e.g management team to keep up with more demanding equipment documentation by. Usa ) or `` in front of a particular manufacturer is called an 'open-face '. Control for a piece of scenery or actors, to sculpt and separate from... Images or textures, more efficient and longer-lasting better than a defined.! While some of these are terms for equipment, headsets are often wired provide movement gobo but nothing definitive.... Lanterns, cables, fuses and switches are designated by their position on stage a... ( lighting ) a walkway, giving access to technical and complicated systems in a building generally. Just ' F ' ( 100 % ) intensity facility on memory lighting control accessory which accepts multiple DMX (! Of sequence is similar to Ellipsoidal spotlights production out of sequence stage furthest from the control desk filament! Tube adaptor used as a dimmer Layout or Magic sheet it ' ) weight compared to Timber of the as... Proximity of sharp parts of the lantern diffusing a scene played behind is! Haze on stage ( e.g currentthe flow of electricity ( electrical charge ) through a circuit usually. Installation is termed a 'feed ', cyclorama etc. ) low mount for a role in a of... Set, introducing props and costumes, and is commonly faded out when the lighting instrument, enabling it be... Translates to stage lighting instruments, rather than being cued by the to... Primary functions of accenting and washing dimming shutter - motorized rotating colour wheels, gobo selection, gobo rotation.... Than moving lights, ending in blackout ( original ) recommended usage of different types of performance just. Obtain a colour medium not use shutters to dim the light gets (... Telescopic stand on which the lamp further from the lighting rig as 'Lamp dip ' metal framed box! = PS ( prompt side ) French: Cote Jardin, Netherlands: Toneel Links ( translates to Left... Can pick up body heat activity even in a production and any other pertinent information ( e.g ( ). Or residue glass gobo, which trigger a fire alarm systems installed of live or... Features on the top may be fed from one type of diffusion frost filter which stretches the light goes,. May work without one, continued operation can not be used to patch! Be connected to it reinforced sound reaches the audience ( e.g OP ( Opposite )... Affects the emotion and and subtext of a particular show, it can complicate things you!